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Breast Cancer, Be Aware, Be Prepared But Don’t Be Scared

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Breast cancer, a very serious disease that mainly effects women and some men. This disorder has been dated back to thousands of years ago and probably even longer. You may know a breast cancer patient and not even know it, it’s that common. A disturbing fact is America has the most breast cancer cases. This sad situation like any cancer takes a lot of courage and hope for the treatments to work. Hold on to your seat though, there is a lot of a help and support.

Breast Cancer, Be Aware, Be Prepared but Don’t Be Scared
Today I will be supplying you with the information on breast cancer and all that you need to know about it. This condition is very horrible and horrendous life event like type any of cancer. Breast cancer is a type of cancer that starts originating from breast tissue, mostly found from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that produce the ducts with milk. The disorder can be caused by numerous things such as a radiation exposure, a prior history of breast disease, a family history of breast disease, age, race, reproductive and/or menstrual history, or even the basic foods you eat insane I know. The symptoms are
• a new breast lump or mass (tender, soft, and rounded)
• a new breast lump or mass (painless and hard with irregular edges)
• indentions or dimpling
• swelling (part or all of the breast, with or without a lump)
• weird change in the size or shape of the breast
• breast pain or nipple pain breast tenderness
• non-milk nipple discharge (maybe particularly blood involved)
To help prevention you should check yourself at least once a month for unusual lumps, bumps, and all of the in-between. Breast Cancer hits one in every eight women eventually in life. Estimation was made off of doctor cases that each year 200,000 females in The United States are diagnosed with breast cancer, counting it almost the most diagnosed cancer in women besides skin cancer. (S.B)
This cancers onset age is roughly 40 and rarely 20 year olds can get B.C.As you most likely know women are more common to contain this cancer. Breast cancer’s history is interesting because it is one of the earliest forms of cancer discovered by man, mainly because of its visibility and other prominent symptoms. It had been talked about here and there in various ancient documents. For example,...

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