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Breast Cancer Community Resources Essay

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Breast cancer is the predominant form of cancer diagnosed in America women, second only to skin cancer and the primary cause of cancer deaths, surpassed only by lung cancer. Approximations suggest that one in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer during the course of their life (American Cancer Society, 2013). As with any disease, a diagnosis of breast cancer can be tremendously challenging and freighting experience not only during the time of treatment and post treatment, but also as a survivor of the disease. Encouragement, reassurance, and support are crucial components in managing, coping, surviving, and living with breast cancer.

Support can be initiated through national organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Center, which can than connect individuals with regional support at the state, county, and community levels who can offer extraordinary resources. Programs include finical support, complimentary mammograms, medical resources, and support groups. Resources are easily accessible and are geared toward enhancing quality of life. Here within we will analysis breast cancer statistics, available resources, and support groups in Arizona, more specifically Maricopa County.

In Arizona, breast cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer and is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths among women. According to statistics retrieved from the Arizona Cancer Registry database and reported by the Arizona Department of Health Services (2012) “In Arizona, an annual average of 48 males and 3,115 females per year were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer” (Introduction Breast Cancer). Additionally, breast cancer terminated the lives of 740 women in 2012 (Arizona Department of Health Services, 2012). These figures represent a state incidence rate of 110.2 cases per 1000,000 females between 2006-2010 however, when inspecting data for Maricopa County the numbers are significantly different. The incidence rate during the measurement period of 2006-2012 for Maricopa County came in at 117.7 cases per 100,000 females (Arizona Health Matters, 2014). Early detection is especially important allowing for treatment to begin at the earliest stage of breast cancer. In the fight against breast cancer, self-examination and mammograms are two important tools as it relates to early detection.

Given the significant importance of the mammogram only 69.5 (2012) percent of Arizonan women (state level) reported having had a mammogram in the past two years. In Maricopa County the mammogram history yields better results with an average of 74.3 (2010) women reporting having had a mammogram in the last two years (Arizona Health Matters, 2014). Although these figures seem relatively low they are higher than the national average of 67.1 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). Maricopa County has available an extensive assortment of programs and...

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