Breast Liposuction Essay

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Liposuction: Chest (women)

There might not be anyone who never wanted to have a well structured body. A good sized and shaped breast will add attractiveness to a women's body. There are lot of women who want to resize their large breast which gives the awkward look and appearance. As liposuction has become one of the most common procedures nowadays, it is also considered to be the solution for people who suffer from larger breasts. It is also said that, liposuction is one of the best methods for breast reduction. There are a lot of cases that had proven the success of liposuction procedure in breast reduction.

Who can be the best candidate for breast liposuction?
A good candidate is definitely the one who is worried about her large sized breast. People who have ptosis and ptosis related issues are not meant for liposuction and they should be treated with traditional excisional breast reduction technique. Your age, height and weight etc. may also matter while deciding to have a breast reduction liposuction procedure. All these factors will also have an effect on the success of the procedure. So, you should have to discuss with your surgeon about the procedure regarding your expectations, the procedure, after effects, chance of success, other complications and preparation before the procedure etc.

Pre-operative preparations
You should be well aware of the procedure and its impacts. This will definitely help you facing the procedure without stress and will help in reducing the complications. There is a routine pre-operative test for the patients. You will have to undergo for the test. If you are a women in 40s, you may also have to undergo for a mammogram. Women aged 30-40 with a strong personal or family history for breast disease might also have to undergo for mammogram.

The Procedure
Breast liposuction for women is usually done on out-patient basis. It is quite similar to the general...

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