Breast Milk Is Better Than Formula For Your Baby.

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Breast milk is the best food source for a baby. Although infant formula does try to mimic breast milk nothing can take the place of breast milk. Breast milk gives the baby all the nutrients it needs and can not be duplicated artificially. It helps prevent diseases, is always the right temperature, is digested easier then formula and helps create a bond between the baby and the mother. These are just some of the reasons that breast milk is a better alternative than formula.The best way to protect a baby from diseases is to feed it breast milk. Babies that are breastfed have a lesser chance in developing many diseases including asthma, ear infections, multiple sclerosis, obesity, colic and reflux. The baby is also less likely to develop allergies or infections as the mother passes on cells from her immune system through her breast milk that protects the baby against some of the diseases she has experienced and immunizes the baby against some allergies.Breast milk also contains the exact nutrients a baby needs; there are appropriate amounts of fat, carbohydrates and protein in breast milk. The inherent properties of the milk change as the babies needs change. Formula does try to copy the ingredients of breast milk but there are at least one hundred different ingredients as well as some that are not known that are in breast milk but not in formula. A baby is never allergic to the mothers milk but can sometimes be allergic to an ingredient in it e.g. lactose. To resolve this problem the mother can eliminate the food her baby is allergic to from her diet so it...

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