Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy Decisions Must Be Made

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After the removal of a breast, either partial (lumpectomy) or complete (mastectomy) a woman may consider to have the breast reformed by having breast reconstruction work carried out. However, it has been reported that although the majority of these women have been mostly satisfied with its outcome, still a sizable 20% are not.

The decision to have breast reconstruction work carried out after a mastectomy is usually a very personal decision, and something that may well depend on the inner feelings of the woman involved. Both the mental and physical stress due to breast-loss may be almost impossible to cope with on a daily basis for many, and something that may well play an important roll in any decision.

Although breast reconstruction work may not be perfect, it does tend to offer an option of hope for the many that may be considering it. Although, where the majority of women who have undergone this type of reconstruction work have been reported as saying they were satisfied with its outcome, some 20% were reported as feeling a certain degree of dissatisfaction.

Facts that should be considered before breast reconstruction:

1. Two forms of reconstruction work are available: immediate (reconstruction work may be either partially or completely carried out during the mastectomy), and delayed (where rebuilding is delayed to a later date).

2. When radiation treatment is recommendable after surgery, most doctors will advise against immediate reconstruction due to the possibility of further problems that it may cause. Also there is the probability of the operation having a lower rate of success.

3. Several different types of reconstruction are available, using: breast implants, tissue flaps (tissue taken from the stomach, back, thighs, or buttocks to aid in reconstruction), transverse rectus abdominis muscle flaps ([TRAM's] muscle is taken from the lower abdominal wall), or a combination of either.

4. Some very slim women may simple not have enough tissue or...

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