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Breast Self-Exams
In any profession, research plays an integral role in the collection of data that contribute to the overall knowledge that guides the profession. Of all disciplines, the field of health relies heavily on research in order to keep up with changes in disease detection mechanisms and efficiency of new treatment regimens. Studies in this field need to keep up with validity and transferability requirements for the results of the studies to be authentic and applicable. Any good research conducted has its strengths and weaknesses. This paper is a critical evaluation of a study that was conducted on the effect of breast self-exams on curbing breast cancer mortality.
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However, the big number of respondents could have had positive and negative implications. The problem with using such a large sample in a study was that certain statistical information that appeared significant could have been insignificant when taken in the backdrop of the larger sample (Brannon & Feist, 2009). For instance, the 587 women who died of breast cancer during the study seemed many, but it was a small representation of the total sample of 388,500.
Weaknesses of the Study
My main reservation about the results of the study concerned the representation of the sample that was chosen for the study. The sample used for the study was made up of women aged between thirty and sixty-six. The problem with the sample was that it tested the use of breast self-examination among women who had an option to perform mammography. That fact made it difficult to apply the findings of the study to women aged twenty to thirty and those aged above sixty-six. Another problem with the sample was that, though the study sought to establish the role of breast self-exam in improving the chances of breast cancer survival, it overlooked the inclusion of men in the study sample. Though breast cancer cases are prevalent among women, some cases have also been documented among men.
The findings also failed to take other variables such as gender, aging, genetic risk factors, race and ethnicity, and previous incidences of chest radiation into consideration. All those factors could have played a role in the results in one way of another. The number of women who died from cancer...

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