Breastfeeding And The Wic Program Essay

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The United States' Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
also known as WIC supplies almost fifty percent of the infant formula used in the US at no
charge to the families. This has raised a red flag for concern because it is well-known that
feeding with infant formula results in poorer health outcomes for infants than breastfeeding. Why
should WIC offer any formula at all to its clients when breast milk is free, and it is known to be
more beneficial for infants than formula? The evidence that is available implies that the WIC
program promotes the use of infant formula, consequently placing infants at higher health risk.
Feeding a baby is an indispensable duty of a parent. Part of that duty includes making
sure that the baby receives a healthful and nutritious diet. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious
what healthful and nutritious means. What we do know is breast milk not only contains the
perfect amount of nutrients but also contains high levels of nutrients needed for healthy
developmental growth that is easily digested resulting in less gas, diarrhea and constipation.
Whereas formula feed infants nutritional content depends on correct preparation and some
infants have trouble tolerating certain nutrients. For parents who have experienced a colic baby
know how essential this is to a new born baby and the difference it makes to breastfeed. The
breast milk is more gentle to a newborns digestive system. Formula promotes to help reduce the
colic but only relieves minuscule amounts of gas pains. Breast milk is the only natural, complete
and complex nutrition for infants and strengthens their immune systems. It has scientifically been
proven that breast milk benefits every system in a baby's body. It provides protection against
allergies and respiratory infections, and its composition keeps up with the newborn's individual
development and changing dietary needs. Research has also found breast feed babies have fewer
incidences of diabetes and cancer. Furthermore, it can lessen the risk of childhood obesity; which
is rapidly rising in the US.
Not only is breastfeeding valuable for a newborn but can be enormously rewarding for
both mother and child to experience their new found relationship while bonding during feeding
times. Breast feeding initiates uterine tightening after childbirth that lessens bleeding. Breast
feeding burns over six hundred calories a day for breastfeeding mothers who don't supplement
with formula. " Most mothers who breastfed exclusively or partially had drastically larger
reductions in hip circumference and were less above their pre-pregnancy weights at one month
postpartum than mothers who fed formula exclusively"(Kramer). Additionally breast milk has
disease-fighting antibodies that can help protect infants from numerous types of illnesses.
Furthermore, women who breastfeed have a smaller risk of some health troubles, including

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