Breed Developement And Welfare Assignment 1 Welfare And Legislaion.

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Animals have been used in circuses for hundreds of years. Government inspection reports show that there is ongoing mistreatment of animals in circuses, as well as failure to provide the basic minimal standards of care required by law.Animals used in circuses spend most of their time in boxcars, cages, or wrapped up in chains. These animals come from different parts of the world, and have unique and specific needs for diet, health, veterinary care, social interaction, stimulation, exercise and movement, living environment, climate but all the animals are trained using methods of domination, and all live and travel together under the same conditions. The animals are trained to perform by using tools such as bull hook’s, chains, and electric prods.Animals in circuses are protected under the performing animal’s act of 1925, which sets no standards for the welfare of the animals, but this legislation refers to the animal’s owners, trainers and carers. I do not believe that this is sufficient enough at all. I believe that rather than changing this law to aid the animals, circuses with performing animals should be banned worldwide, and the animals should be retrieved and placed in sanctuaries, and where possible, the animals should be rehabilitated and released into the wild.2 -Advantages of organic/ free range farmingDisadvantages of organic/ free range farmingPollution of air and water is reducedOrganic food is more expensiveLife is better for live stockCrops wont grow in unsuitable soilMore bio-diversity on organic farmsDifficult to control pests and diseasesOrganic farming is better for wildlifeAnimals can be harder to manageFood from organic farms is healthier for peopleLower crop yieldsAnimals can show natural behaviourAdvantages of intensive farmingDisadvantages of intensive farmingMore food can be producedAnimal crueltyLess space is neededDisplaces wildlifeAnimals easy to manageDoes not adhere to the 5 freedomsDamages environmentThe agriculture act of 1968 and protection of animal’s act of 1911 are used for the welfare of farm animals. The agriculture act is particularly useful when large numbers of animals are involved, as the offences are worded to cover more than one animal.It can only be used where the offence has happened on agricultural land. The offences are put into two levels of suffering. The most serious offence is "causing unnecessary pain" and the lesser offence is "causing unnecessary distress". In cases of neglect "causing unnecessary distress" is used and "causing unnecessary pain" is used for cases of unjustifiable cruelty.The protection of animal’s act 1911 covers all domestic animals and not just farm animals. The Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) Regulations 2000 gives guidelines about the way the animals should be cared for. These regulations say that the owners and keepers of animals “shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the welfare of the animals under their care; and to ensure that the...

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