Brian Bautista History 111 Book Review George E. Mowry Author

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Brian Bautista History 111 Book Review George E. Mowry author of The Era Of Theodore Roosevelt and many others; is very high respected in his field of study. As spending the majority of his life teaching other students at the University of Los Angles California the importance of history, and how it plays an important role in all of are lives, Mowry has became a superb author and thinker. He grew up in a suburb near Los Angels, and also lived out his day final days there. Ever since Mowry was a young boy it seems he has always had a very profound intrest in learning American history. Mowry graduated at the top of his High School class.The motive Mowry decided to write this book is because: he respected Roosevelt very highly, and wanted the public to see for them self's on paper what great accomplishment Roosevelt did while he was in office. He figured if he's going to teach UCLA students the importance of Roosevelt's era, why not educate and inform the general public also?.The structure Of the book The Era Of Theodore Roosevelt was written such as a time table from 1900-1912. Talking about many of Roosevelt's masterstroke accomplishments in order. Starting Theodore was interested in running for the 1900 presidential election, but the Republican party wasn't ready to put a 42 year old President into office. So, Teddy decided to follow his party's wishes and run as McKinley's running mate. McKinely won and many people were happy that things were going to slow down, especially the conservative Republicans. But to everyone's suprise, on September 6, 1901, William McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo, New York. Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest President of the time at age 42. Many things changed with Roosevelt in the White House. For one thing, there were kids in the white house. All of the Presidents before this were too old to have young children. Teddy also brought with him an arisocratic touch to the White House. Teddy also formed a group of close friends and people he could trust for advise that he called the "Tennis Cabinet". He would have an informal meeting with these people whenever he had to make an important decision. Many famous people such as James R. Garfield, Leonard Wood, and Jean Jules Jusserand were a part of the Tennis Cabinet. Roosevelt also once invited his friend, Booker T. Washington to a dinner in the White House. It was very controversial at the time, and many southern politicians had a big problem with it. But Roosevelt defended himself against everyone's racism. Other people accused Teddy Roosevelt of imperialism, because it seemed like he always got in other country's business. But Roosevelt was never interested in terretorial expansion, he was just interested in what's best for U.S. business. A popular quote of his was - "Speak softly and carry a big stick". Usually, it meant that if a country's problem was getting out of control, the U.S. would threaten them with not trading anything with them, or...

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