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Brick And Mortar And E Tailer Essay

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E-tailing is the online sales of goods or services while brick-and-mortar businesses are those that operate in the physical market such as department stores, business offices etc. According to Ed Brindley, the director of marketing at Wincor Nixdorf,” brick and mortar will always be vital. The key is to make such technology advances simply part of the shopping experience and part of the retail boom”, (BestMark, 2012). Purchasing items online has become a convenience for many customers as well as the fact that most online stores offer lower prices. However brick and mortar stores can use technology to compete against e-tailers. It is seen where a Point of Sale (POS) system has transformed the ...view middle of the document...

(Wagner D. , 2011), identified several ways in which brick and mortar stores are competing with online shopping. Firstly, companies should make use of mobile technology and smartphones have become many customers shopping partners. Therefore the business should give customers the option of scanning a product and be able to access an app to find product reviews and the lowest price of the item. Retailers should also take this as an opportunity to push coupons and deals directly to customers through the use of mobile apps as they enter the store. Brick and mortar businesses could also benefit from using NFC payment options that will give the customers the option to pay with their mobile phones. The business could also capitalize on the use of mobile phones by using social media to drive customers to the business. The employees could also interact with customers on the sales floor and modernize the checkout process. Another technology that the business could invest in is mobile POS which can supplement the checkout terminals. This would be an added bonus for the business as it would reduce the checkout time experienced by customers which is one of the main complaints of customers which often times result in them leaving their items and not returning to the business, (Lesonsky, 2013).
Another recommendation is the use of electronic signage and kiosks. The article further revealed how Sears have been experimenting with putting computers on the retail flow that is directly connected to their online sites. Customers are able to identify products that the store does not stock, place orders for items that they are not comfortable carrying home or are out of stock. What this is really doing is extending the online experience into the store giving the customers the option of finding the right product. Some stores should also look into using kiosks. The customers could shop at the kiosk while in a brick-and-mortar store and then the items will be delivered to the POS for them by a sales clerk. Customers are able to look at and feel the product before buying it but yet they have the experience of online shopping which can prove to be very convenient for the customer while the brick and mortar retailers would increase the efficiency in their operations and gain significant competitive advantage against e-tailers. Finally to compete with online stores brick-and-mortar businesses should use technology to personalize the shopping experience for their customers. This would ensure that instead of waiting for sales representatives the customers could use a virtual queue and enter the product and the description of the product that they would like. This information would be retrieved by representatives and the items bought to the customer. This technology is being used by Adidas where they allow customers to customize their shoe searches and then streamline customer service. This would be more efficient and more appealing to the customers as compared with the...

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