Brick And Mortar Versus Electronic Business

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It used to be that if a person wanted to buy a television, car, groceries, books, or a vast assortment of different products that the consumer would have to leave his or her home, get in a car, and drive to a store who may be only opened during certain times of the day, purchase the product, and commute back to their home. Not anymore. A person does not have to even leave his or her home. Electronic business, or e-business for short, is the act of a person turning on a computer and ordering the product or products of choice from the comfort of their own home and having the products delivered straight to them. This paper will discuss an organization that started as a brick and mortar business but is now engaged in e-business in addition to their physical presence. The advantages and disadvantages, including limitations and risks of not using the internet for business will also be discussed to understand how a physical business compares to the virtual business of those on the internet.Even with the sluggish economy right now, e-business is still thriving. Outlooks believe that this year there will be a 17% increase in online purchases that total up to $204 billion dollars which include apparel, computers, and automobiles as the top three in that group (Online sales to climb, 2008). This increase in e-business is great but how has it affect businesses that have brick and mortar fronts alongside their virtual internet site? Home Depot sees this as an opportunity area that is causing them financial success. In a April 26, 2006 Business Week article, Home Depot was reported as stating that there internet site will be responsible for a billion dollars worth of revenue by the year 2010 (Gogoi, 2006). A billion dollars is a great deal of money for this medium of revenue. The internet is not the best of mediums for some companies and during the internet bubble in the earlier part of the 21st century, there were many internet companies that went bankrupt. Home Depot has been able to increase the emphasis of their web site at the pace needed to keep both the physical store front and the online storefront afloat (Gogoi, 2006).Anytime a company is about to implement something new within an organization they typically look at it from a SWOT analysis standpoint. This represents strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In a sense these are the advantages and disadvantages for doing a certain activity. Internet business has many advantages that Home Depot takes part in. There is a wider spectrum of consumers that do not necessarily need to live near a Home Depot to purchase items. The convenience of not having to go out to make a purchase is a life saver for many, especially those that may be confined to their home due to disabilities. Another advantage to e-business is that the internet is on 24/7 and every day of every year. A customer who has a varied schedule could access the internet at any time of the day to place their order. A disadvantage of...

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