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Bridgestone Media Outreach Audit Essay

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Bridgestone Media Outreach Audit

Who are stake holders?
Stakeholders refer to individuals, organizations and other companies that engage in business in one way or another either directly or indirectly with the target organization. They are the people without who the business would not sustain itself. Put in a different language, a stakeholder is an accountant, group of people, an organization, a me member or system who affects or can be affected by an organization's actions
Organization background
Bridgestone media is a media organization with a key responsibility of informing the public about what is taking place, when it is taking place, where it is taking place and also precisely why it is taking place. Bridgestone media has a key responsibility in providing relevant and solid news to subscribers, readers and other media groups and personalities.
The products and services, in this case essentially the different brands that exist within the same umbrella. Bridgestone media produces news papers, journals, monthly magazine and even online documentation. The organization make the information visible and user friendly in order to attract more market reach. Users subscribe for different products so us to get news and trends.
Being a media company, Bridgestone media is mandated to collect, analyze and distribute news and information throughout the society. This role comes with some key responsibilities that can only be achieved by employing strategic values and objectives. One of the major key values of Bridgestone media is accuracy. The exactness and accuracy of any media organization positively contributes to the building of that organization’s image in the eyes of the final consumers and even other stakeholders. Bridgestone media has a responsibility to guard against submission of wrong of ambiguous information to readers, and hence a lot of information inflow control is highly needed.
This organization competes in the media industry, one of the most sufficiently exploited industries in the country and in the world as a whole. There is a stiff competition that the organization has to keep up with by always being a step ahead of the rest. Therefore there are certain competencies that allow this organization to stay at the top and maintain that position. One, a quick, versatile and brave news reporters who report information without fear or favor as long as the news being casted is the true account of what has been captured. Another competency that keeps the organization competition is the quality of the print media employed.
Financially, the organization has done well in the past few years with a yearly net profit of $100,000 in the just ended financial year and $87, 000, $96, 000 and $72,000 in the previous three years respectively. The variation and large disparity in this net profit distribution has been due to changing tax requirements of the government over the periods mentioned, and unplanned inflation and deflation.

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