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Bridget Jones Diary Essay

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After reading the book report requirements for our latest book that we were to have read, I immediately thought of just plain writing about my book, in stead of drawing or coloring, or trying to act out a scene from the book I chose to simply write about it. Boring? Probably to most kids (excpecially In my 7th period class) but to me it's the best way to communicate how I feel. This book was one of my favorite books because of how well it is written, Its difficult nowadays to find a writer that can write a WHOLE book about one main character and really continue focus on this character, with the Bridget Jones Diary, Bridget is a struggling 30 year old female with a good job, and a somewhat bad love life. You feel like Bridget is a more of a close and personally friend ...view middle of the document...

It's that humor I believe that attracted so many people to the book, and made it number one on the New York times bestseller list. People living in the 21st century like Real. They like things that are raw and totally honest. Bridget is both of those things. She is raw and funny, and with her what you read is totally what you get. By that I mean there is no trying to figure what the character is really saying, you totally understand her. Bridget starts of each of her various journal entries by informing us how how much she weighs, and how many calories she has eaten that day. Her on going and arduous struggle with her weight proves to be yet another seriously funny element of this awesome book.The fact that Bridget discusses her weight, guy problems, and *ahem sexual frustrations, openly is what draws readers to her. Women now live to discus that particular topic, they can go on forever about their diets , and when it really starts and when the just "gave up" on losing weight all together. As for men I figure that that's a never-ending discussion of who, what , where why, and most importantly, what were you wearing.In this "Dog eat dog" world that we live in people are quick to tell you what they like and what they hate. Bridget Jones comes as a welcome addition to book shelves in peoples homes all across the nations. Women accept Bridget and her flaws with open arms, because she really speaks to the middle aged single women. Bridget's honesty and charisma are a perfect combination, and as the sequel comes at us in full force, as only Bridget could do, I'm sure it will have no trouble finding its way into people homes, And into women's hearts everywhere, because I believe Bridget isn't just a character in a book, I feel there is a little bit of Bridget in

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