Bridging Communication Gap Essay

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Bridging Communication Gap

The existence of communication gap between parents and children has served as a barrier for creating a healthy relationship in a family. Age gap is the primary reason for the prevalence of communication gap. This is divulged everyday in a local radio station that explicitly states, “If the music is too loud for you, then you’re too old.” Parents need to accept and respect if not appreciate the “music” of the younger generation. Similarly, children must learn to accept and respect the “music” of the older generation.
Time is a crucial factor in bridging communication gap between parents and children. Children feel important when their parents spend time with them. This is true because when little interaction is present between parents and children, children think and feel that their parents do not care about them. Children also feel important when their parents take time off from work to be with them because they feel that they are valued more than work. This problem is common among many families because many parents work day and night just to give their children a good future. As a result, parents have no more time for their children. Children on the other hand, may be appreciative of the financial support that their parents offer them but as much as children need money, they need their parents even more. Also, when quality time is spent each day together, relating to the attitude of each other becomes easier. Familiarity will be developed and eventually, if both parties make enough effort, a bond will be created between them. The experiences that they spent together may also establish memories that can be treasured in the future.
Subsequently, through time, parents and children would learn to talk and listen. These two are also essential factors in lessening the communication gap. Settling differences are done with fewer complications if parents and children would just talk about their existing problems with each other. In most circumstances, families who talk about their problems with each other have a greater chance in solving their disputes than families who keep silent. This is because family talks would make both parents and children aware of the wrong things they have done. As a result, the mistake that they committed would serve as a lesson for the both of them. Also, talking would give both parties a chance to explain their side. Knowing the perspective of each other would give them a clearer view of the situation because of this, misunderstandings and misinterpretations would be avoided. Talking would also make them aware of their defectiveness as parents or as children. If both parties were aware of their defectiveness, fulfilling their roles and obligations as better and effective parents or children would be easier. Another positive effect of talking would be the development of trust. Children are more likely to become trustworthy because parents believe that their children wouldn’t want to...

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