Bridging The Communication Gap Essay

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Bridging the Communication Gap
For years, communication was the number one method for delivering information between two parties. Communication has always considered being either verbal or non-verbal, depending on the situation in which the information must be relayed. Communication consist of body language, verbal communication, letters, messages, sign language and anything else that rely on the usage of words to transfer or decode emotions and thoughts. As of recently, newer forms of communication have appeared and to a certain degree, render all older forms obsolete. Social media, blogs, video messages, text messages, email, and have all taken over as the main communication function for today's generation. Earlier generations have became accustom to what they are use to and so have the younger generations. So the biggest question is; how do we bridge the gap between generations when it comes to communication?
What Generation X and Y Thinks
Every day, more and more people have adapted to using newer forms of communication and are rarely using the original forms. Thanks to the younger generation and technology advancements; communication now is mainly done on a computer, a smart phone or any other similar device such as portable notepads. These advancements can cause many people to change their livelihood, respect and social status with the click of a button or a tap on the screen. And with this power comes an even greater threat and responsibility. More and more employers are now using social websites and media as a background check for potential employees. Employers use scouting techniques as a way to spy on their employees and with these advancement developing on a regular basis, it is hard for older generations to grasp the concept of what is going on. Even military branches are having difficulty such as EUROCOM as stated by Lt. Colonel Carl A. Lee (Aguirre 2013). This is seen as a problem that can only correct itself with time and effort.
What the Baby Boomer Generation Says
In today's standards, if a person is not up-to-date with technology they are not considered to be inadequate by their society, mainly the younger generation. The majority of older...

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