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Brief Biography Of Samuel Clemens, A.K.A: Mark Twain

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The story is about the childhood of one of the most famous American writer, Mark Twain, who is also known as the name Sammy. At the beginning of the story, Sammy was with his family on the trip from Salt River to Florida for making a house-rising. It was really a big work picnic. The women took along great baskets of food while the men rolled logs and built the new house. On the following days, his mom brought her children to Uncle John’s store for buying new clothes. Sammy seemed disappointed with the dark calico his mom chose. Therefore, he began to cry and forced her to choose the bright striped fabric. Finally, they showed up in the party as a handsomest and brightest of all as his mom agreed with him. On the way, Clemens’ family had new members which was the new kittens. Sammy and Margaret chose to give them Bible names “here’s Peter and there’s Paul”, “this one is Simon”, “that one over there shall be called Methuselah, who live so long”. While crossing the river in the steam boat. Sammy was really angry because the bad treatments of the slave owners to their own slaves. Sammy reached Bear Creek after that. Unfortunately, he fell to the river while trying to shoot a frog. As luck would have it, some slave boys in a boat came by before Sammy fell back into the river and save him. They soon became friends together and enjoyed talking together. Sammy didn’t have good day at school he was spanked by his teacher. Therefore his mother decided never send him to Mrs. Horr’s school again. In summer, Sammy was sent to Uncle John to live. He learn a lot during summer through Bible stories that Aunt Hanna told him every night. The Clemens’ new house was now finished. Sammy also had a new beautiful new neighbor, Laura, who dreamed to be a schoolteacher. One day, Sammy was late because of forgetting his church penny at home, and also wasting time on the green snake. His parents really mad at him, so that they get him to the church in the evening to sorry for his actions. At that time, there was a book by Mr. Trumbull which was about a famous and wicked river pirate John Murrell. In the way to the book store, he met Blankenship who asked Sammy for teaching him how to read. They planned to create a club where people learn to read and also hide from their parents. The club also made a really fun treasure finding game. Since Sammy met Tom, he had always wanted to try to smoke. One day, Sammy asked John to teach him to smoke. During smoking, Sammy saw some goblin bears. It also existed in his dream. It’s made him really scared. One hot nigh in late summer, Sammy and his club decided to get some melon from Mr. McDaniel’s melon patch; as they thought if they picked some melons, the others will get bigger and sweeter. Unfortunately, he got a stomachache after eating melons. Next morning he was found to steal melons, so he could not get away from being whipped. 1847 was known as the saddest year of Sammy and her mother because it was the year...

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