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Brief Chapter Summaries Of Oliver Twist

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· Author's Preface o The author was unhappy with the incorrect portrayal of the thieves of London o He decided to write about their true wretchedness instead as a deed to society o He explains why he chose to write with this mindset and how important it was to do so · Chapter 1 o The author does not describe the setting in any detail o Oliver was born in a workhouse, which is ironically described as being a good thing for him o Oliver looked as if he would die soon after his birth o He finally gave signs of life, but the life he would lead would not be worth living o His young mother died with him in her arms o Oliver was immediately defined as a poor member of the lowest level of society because of his birthplace and lack of parents · Chapter 2 o Oliver was taken care of by an old woman in charge of many infants o The woman did a horrible job of raising infants because she fed them too little and didn't supervise them o She was cheap, so she was chosen to take care of Oliver as to not cause a burden o Oliver reached the age of 9, at which point he was to be taken back to a workhouse o Oliver was chosen by Mr. Bumble, a beadle, because it was the next along in alphabetical order o For the first time, Oliver felt lonely leaving his companions behind o He was happy to be free of Ms. Mann o Oliver was to be reviewed by a live board, which he took literally as a living piece of wood o They deemed him able to pick oakum o The men of the board were described sarcastically as making noble and humane decisions o The boys of the workhouse were fed up with their small portions, so they made Oliver ask for more one day, resulting in serious backlash o Oliver was immediately offered, along with 5 pounds sterling, to any person who would take him o The men of the board were convinced Oliver had a morbid future · Chapter 3 o For his actions, Oliver was sentenced to solitary confinement while for sale o Oliver would have hung himself had it not been for the orphans' handkerchiefs getting taken away o Oliver was almost apprenticed to a chimney sweep, Mr. Gamfield, who was looking to take him to pay the rent o One of the magistrates noticed Oliver's horrified expression and tears, so he asked what was wrong o The magistrates called off the sale of Oliver and he was put back up for apprenticeship with 5 pound · Chapter 4 o Mr. Bumble talked to a coffin maker and found out that he would take Oliver o Oliver was apprenticed to Mr. Sowerberry to work in his shop o It was Oliver's first entry into everyday public life o Oliver was fed scraps of meat that even the dog refused o His bed was under one of the counters in the shop. · Chapter 5 o He was haunted by the morbid looks of all the coffins o In the morning Oliver greets the other apprentice of the shop: Noah Claypole o He is also a charity boy o Noah and the servant girl, Charlotte, look down their noses at Oliver o Oliver is taken on his first job with Mr. Sowerberry o They were to measure a dead woman for coffin...

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