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Brief Essay On Rennaisance

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Define the RenaissanceThe Renaissance was the time period in European history in which Europe went though arebirth of ideas from the times of classical antiquity. According to my definition, I believe that a renaissance did occur in Europe. The Renaissance consisted of many ideas from science and from the "Studias Humanitas". The Studias Humanitas is Latin for the "studias of humanities". According to the text book A History of the Western World, "The studia humanitatis were the group of scholarly disciplines including grammar, rhetoric, history, poetry and moral philosophy, but excluding theology, metaphysics, logic, the natural sciences, law and medicine". In addition to the Studias Humanitas, the renaissance was filled with growth of logic. The power of logic led to many other advancements in other fields. For example, the discovery of optics led Filippo Brunelleschi to the discovery of perspective. The discovery of tomography led to the discovery of new countries and routes around the World. The discovery of Perspective enabled artists to express there visions extremely accurately, as the book The Agony and the Ecstacy says, "His David would be the incarnation of everything Lorenzo de Medici had been fighting for, that the Plato Academy had believe was the rightful heritage for man". In addition to all of the discoveries, the scholars wished to share there information with others through Universities, those extremely similar to the Greek Universities. "The medieval university was a "community of scholars" with the authority to confer degrees." These Universities would teach younger men information...

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