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Brief Literature Review

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Research on the topic of consultative selling over the past five years indicates that there is an increasing interest in the topic of consultative selling in business and industry. The reason for this increased level of interest appears to be due to the fact that industrial product and service firms spend as much as $9,000 to train new salespeople and $4,800 per year for experienced salespeople (Pehlman & Kravitz, 2008). This study was of a quantitative nature and determined whether training in the area of consultative selling skills was effective in changing salesperson behaviors (Pehlman & Kravitz, 2008). The findings in this case indicated that salespeople, who were evaluated in the ...view middle of the document...

According to this same study, these skills, despite the best intentions of the sales trainer, may not be used unless they are demonstrated by the manager in the field and then utilized effectively by the salesperson through the reinforcement by influential and effective managers (Pelham & Kravitz, 2008). This situation is occurring despite a changing environment in which the competition is extremely fierce due to a decrease in the number of vendors used by organizations as well as global competition for the customer’s business (Pelham & Kravitz, 2008).
Quantitative Study #2
This study is also quantitative in nature as it made use of a survey process that included 420 panelists who answered the entire questionnaire (Pelham, 2009). The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between market orientation and the use of adaptive selling, customer orientation, listening, and consulting. The second goal of this study was to determine the direct and indirect influence of a market orientation on salesperson consulting behaviors (Pelham, 2009). What this means is that this study wanted to determine whether the use of a market orientation by communicating norms and values to help employees in the organization’s sales department increases consulting behaviors. In other words, the purpose of the study was to determine whether salesperson behaviors changed due to the support of the organization in the form of adherence to a market orientation philosophy. Again, a common thread of the studies discussed thus far is the need for support of the training from the organization and its management. According to (2014), market orientation involves meeting consumer wants and needs through the organization’s products. In a previous study, Pelham, (2009) determined that consulting behaviors, in...

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