Brief Review Of The Article: Hillman, Amy J., Shropshire, Christine, Cannella Jr., Albert A.2007.Organizational Predictors Of Women On Corporate Boards .Academy Of Management Journal,50(4):941 952

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Organizational predictors of women on corporate boards"(Hillman et al., 2007)This recent article is one of the first attempts to explain: What organizational characteristics predict females in the boardroom?Recognizing these characteristics might help to understand, why do some firms have women on their board of directors and others don't? Later case exists although "popular press and institutional investors do pressure for greater female directors on board" (p.941) and "observable diversity (e.g. gender) on board is positively associated with improved financial performance" (Erhardt et al 2003).Earlier studies examined gender at work group level& resource dependence scholars focus on how directors, far from gender, satisfy the needs of an organization. The authors considered early work, i.e. didn't start from scratch, by "combining resource dependence with work group level diversity theories to detect potential benefits of female board representation then linking these benefits with organizational characteristics, hence, deriving organizational predictors of gender diversity in the boardroom" (p.942) and achieving their research objective.Boards of directors "form a link between an organization &external environment" (p.942), and give linkage benefits to organizations like "advice and counsel, legitimacy, channels of communications and access to resources" (peffer & salancik, 1978). "Board's capital (human and relational) is the source of these benefits" (Hillman & Dalziel, 2003).Female representations on boards add value to these benefits. e.g., for advice &counsel by "creativity ..." (Hillman et al., 2007), for legitimacy by "respond to stakeholders' pressure for gender diversity..." (ibid: 944).Given these knowledge helped the authors to conduct a deductive research strategy, that gave them more time for analysis, whereby they set resource dependence theory, which suggests three benefits accrue to firms through boards, and outline four hypotheses, regarding the value added from female representation on these benefits, in which they detailed that female representation on board is positively associated with organizational size, industries with greater female employment bases, diversification level and the extent to which a firm is linked to other firms with female directors. They have tested these hypotheses quantitatively by turning data to numbers, collected numerical data from large sample, 1000 big sales firms ended to 950 .They used secondary data "collected before for other reason" (Lecister, 2008) from annual reports, 10ks..., that would benefit in gaining difficult information to access with less cost, moreover, these reports are required by reputable organizations (e.g., SEC) which guarantee data quality.The authors have measured one dependant variable, female board representation, by identifying board gender, and held certain control variables as board size, organizational age and performance measures (total...

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Review Of The Article: Hillman, Amy J., Shropshire, Christine, Cannella Jr., Albert A.2007.Organizational Predictors Of Women On Corporate Boards .Academy Of Management Journal,50(4):941 952

1214 words - 5 pages knowledge.BibliographyErhardt, N. L., Werbel, J. D., & Shrader, C. B. (2003). Board of director diversity and firm financial performance. Corporate Governance:An International Review , 11(2):102-111.Hillman, A. J., & Dalziel, T. (2003). Boards of directors and firm performance:Integrating agency and resource dependence perspectives. Academy of Management Review , 385.Hillman, A. J., Shropshire, C., & Cannella, A. A. (2007). Organizational

A Summarizing Critique Of: Organizational Predictors Of Women On Corporate Boards By Hillman. A. J., Shropshire. C. , Cannella Jr. A. A. (2007) In: Academy Of Management Journal, 50: 941 952

1177 words - 5 pages . 1996. Distinguishing the effects of functional and dysfunctional conflict on strategic decision making: Resolving a paradox for top management teams. Academy of Management Journal, 39: 123-148.BRYMAN, A. and BELL, E., 2007. Business research methods. Second edition edn. New York: Oxford University Press.Carter, D. A., B. J. Simpkins and W. G. Simpson: 2003, Corporate Governance, Board Diversity and Firm Value, Financial Review 38, 33-53Dalton, D

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1743 words - 7 pages ; identity construction", Equal Opportunities International Special Issue. Bilimoria, D. and Piderit, S. K. (1994),"Board Committee Membership: Effects of Sex-Based Bias", Academy of Management Journal, vol. 37, no. 6, pp. 1453-1477. Burke, R. J. and Leblanc, R. (2008),"Women on corporate boards of directors: the Canadian perspective", in Vinnicombe, S., Singh,V., Burke, R. J., et al (eds.) Women on Corporate Boards of

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1144 words - 5 pages limitation of this study. As the organization is somewhat atypical in the proportion of women, the demographic difference is not considered and the number of the groups studied was small.BibliographyBryman. A, E.B. (2007) business research methods, 2nd edition, Oxford university press.Chatman.J, . and Oreilly.C, (2004) 'Asymmetric Reaction To Work Group Sex Diversity Among Men And Women', Academy of Managment Journal, vol. 47, no. 2, pp. 193-208.Allen