Short Story: White Noise Essay

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It was the first time I had opened my eyes in a week, but I wasn't in my bed; I felt like I was…floating! I sat up, then slowly and shakily came to my feet. Everything was pristine and pure white. Then a small man approached me, with a letter. He was old, had a white beard and wore no shoes. Like everything surrounding me, he was also dressed in white, what's with this place? Then he spoke. His only words were: 'Read this'.The envelope was thin and blank; not even a tiny crumple could be seen on it. I looked up; nothing really caught my attention until I twisted my head around in an awkward position. It was at that moment I seen two large, golden handled white doors. Silence. That was yet another strange thing about this building or wherever I was. I'm all confused! Where am I? Why am I here? Have I gone deaf? What's going on? That's just to name a few of the questions in my head at this moment. I swivelled around to see some twisting stairs, and then I knew I wasn't deaf as the silence broke and I heard: 'Don't go down there, not yet anyway. It's not safe.' But no one was here. The doors are padlocked, I can clearly see the sparkling white staircase and then, well there are solid walls I guess. Well at least I think they're solid…Suddenly my arms seemed to take over and I ripped open the letter I was clutching. Then the envelope daintily floated to the floor and vanished. Gone. It had disappeared before my hazel brown eyes (glittering in fact). I hastily bent down and ran my thin fingers over the surface. I can't believe it. I've finally found something that's whiter than my skin (my skin is so white it's almost see through!) and the floor - it's as hard as nails! It must just have camouflaged in with its whiteness. Suddenly someone smoothed down my hair. I hate it when people do that! My sister does it all the time. I had just got it cut; all my friends and family know I go ballistic when someone does this. Why does now make a difference? Then this monstrous being who dared to touch my chin length hair lifted me up onto my feet."I love your hair, it's so smooth and a lovely nutty brown colour" a soft voice whispered. That certainly couldn't be my sister! She had the same colour hair as me and she hated it."Come with me Alice" the voice giggled as the padlock fell to the floor with a bang and the doors creaked open.I hesitated; what if this was a trick and I could never come back? Who was talking to me? There is no-one here."Come on!" encouraged the voice. I'm in my pyjamas; don't know where I am or what I'm doing here and they expect me to follow them."Who are you? Where are you?" I questioned."Alice until you walk through these doors you won't be able to see me, and I'm standing in the doorway." The voice replied.I felt an icy cold breeze travel down my spine and a bell let out ear-splitting clangs. I felt a push on my back. These invisible ghost things are moving me!"Noo! Leave me alone!" I bellowed into what seemed to be...

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