Brief Summaries Of 10 Songs By Entertainer Beyoncé

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1. Beyoncé - Love on Top
Love on Top is written to show the enjoyment of having a man by her side after having to fight for his attention, and finally he puts his woman first. The piece uses finger snapping, harmonizing horns, tribal drums, piano, guitar, and the saxophone. The piece is in the key of C Major and is in quadruple meter. Towards the end of the song, Beyoncé’s vocals’ become more dynamic.

2. Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams
Beyoncé is contemplating her new relationship. She cannot decide if it end up as a “sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare” because she is enjoying the relationship so much. Is she more dreaming it to be better than it really is, or is the relationship really as perfect as it seems? She uses piano, guitar, and electronics in E Minor in a quadruple meter.

3. Beyoncé – Irreplaceable
In this piece, Beyoncé is telling her man that she is so much better than him that she can get any man she wants. She is Beyoncé and she is moving on (snaps in a z formation). Irreplaceable is in B flat Major with accompaniment by guitar, drums, and the cello.

4. Beyoncé – If I Were a Boy
The music video and the song both speak of a woman wishing she were in the place of her man so that he could see that how he was acting towards her and other women was not okay. This intense ballad is in the key of G Major and is accompanied by piano, guitar, drums, and various strings in quadruple meter.

5. Beyoncé – Halo
Beyoncé is seeing the good in her partner and sings to him about the positive affect he had on her after she let her walls down. The instruments are composed of drums, piano, keyboard, strings in A Major. ...

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