Brief Summary About Unhealthy Habits: David Scott

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Brief Summary about Unhealthy Habits
Unhealthy habit is a person constantly continues to do bad activities. For example, women eating junk food is considered an unhealthy habit because it will cause a person to gain weight and it is not healthy for the skin, human organs, brain, activities, and emotions. Poor healthy habit can also damage your mind and body such as smoking constantly will damage your lung and kidney, or procrastination affect your daily activities. It can also be an unhealthy behavior because your mind will constantly do what it wants out of place. For instance, sex behavior is considered an unhealthy habit because your behavior would think that it is pleasure, yet the behavior would also considered pain. After having sex, there was a side effect that sex partner will have stress, frustration, anger, depression, and many other negative behaviors. Therefore, unhealthy habit is not good for your health and your behavior. Here are two articles that explain unhealthy habits are not good for the human behavior for various reasons:
The first article is, The High Prevalence of Poor Physical Health and Unhealthy Lifestyle Behaviours in Individuals with Severe Mental Illness, by David Scott. Scott explains that serious mental illness (SMI) is the main problem to poor physical health and unhealthy behaviors. He analyzes the type of disorders that are related to serious mental illness: obesity, the metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, symptoms of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, etc. Chronic disease is responsible for increased risk of death. Serious mental illness became much worse to the population as he states, “Unhealthy lifestyle behaviours undoubtedly play a role in the development of poor physical health and chronic disease, and the present review indicates that low physical activity, poor diet, smoking, alcohol and substance abuse, and risky sexual behaviour are common in individuals with SMI.” (589). Overall, Scott explains how each type of serious mental illness has an effect by doing research, survey, and experiment.
The next article is called, Unhealthy behaviours for self-management of HIV-related peripheral neuropathy, by P.F. Nicholas. Nicholas researches HIV disease is an unhealthy behavior. HIV disease is very in common with neuropathy and distal symmetrical polyneuropathies (DSPN). He explains that distal symmetrical polyneuropathy is mostly in common with HIV disease because it has increase the use of potential neurotoxic antiretroviral drugs as well as advanced HIV disease which causes the people with any stage of HIV to be affected by the DSPN. Nicholas did not explain as much of how HIV is an unhealthy habit. However, Nicholas did discuss the main reason that unhealthy behavior is essential to HIV disease, yet he did not provide enough explanation to support his purpose. In his article, he says, “Ownby (2006) and Robinson and Rempel (2006) suggest a role for healthy behaviours in management of...

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