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Briefing Paper On Islamic Banking System

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Islamic banking - is it the new alternative in this time of financial uncertaintyCourse Instructor: Business CommunicationExecutive SummaryI am Md. Hasanul Islam working in Islamic development Bank (IDB) as an Islamic banking specialist. My Responsibilities are to provide consultancy service to the customer, analyze the current trend of the Islamic bank, and provide advice to the existing Islamic bank according to Islamic law. Here my client is Mr. Peter David came from UK, he is a banker of XYZ bank in UK. He wants to know what the reason behind that and how viable if they take Islamic banking system as an alternative in this recession period to recover business. As a specialist in a Islamic banking system I can give a clear picture of the Islamic banking systems and current trend of the Islamic bank and can giving a proper guideline to start a Islamic banking service into their bank.However, firstly I try to depict the overall current situation of the Islamic banking and global economic condition. Here I told about the credit crunch, what is the reason behind the credit crunch Table of ContentItemsPage No.1.Who I am12.Who my client is13.What information does my client wants and why he consulted me14.Overview of the situation25.Islamic Banking System36.Analysis of the situation47.Solution and Recommendation68.Forecast and Outcome71.Who I am:Islamic Development Bank (IDB), a sister concern of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) was formally established in 1975. The main objective of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has to provide banking service to the Muslim community according to Islamic law. I am working here as an Islamic Banking Specialist in Bangladesh Branch. My Responsibilities are to provide consultancy service to the customer, analyze the current trend of the Islamic bank, and provide advice to the existing Islamic bank according to Islamic law.2.Who my client is:My client is Mr. Peter David is a Brach manager of XYZ Bank in UK. I met with him in Jeddah, Saudi Arab where I went to attend a meeting in the head office of Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Basically he wants to know more about the Islamic banking system. They want to adopt Islamic banking systems into their current banking business.3.What information does my client wants and why he consulted me:His bank is suffering a lot during this credit crunch period and they surprised to see the performance of Islamic bank in this period. Now he wants to know what the reason behind that and how viable if they take Islamic banking system as an alternative in this recession period to recover their business. As a specialist in a Islamic banking system I can give a clear picture of the Islamic banking systems and current trend of the Islamic bank and can giving a proper guideline to start a Islamic banking service into their bank.4.Overview of the situation:Credit Crunch an extreme shortage of money or credit, now is a very popular term in the world which creates tumult throughout...

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