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Brigada Eskwela is an annual nationwide volunteerism drive that brings education stakeholder voluntarily participate and contribute their time, effort and resources in preparing the school facilities ready for learner’s use when classes begin. With the theme” Isang Bayanihan Para sa Handa at Ligtas na Paaralan, Masagana Elementary School teaching force together with students and other stakeholders have come to school for the also known National Schools Maintenance Week not only to transform the physical aspect of the school but also to strengthen the spirit of unity.
Day 1- May 15, 2017
In order to accomplish designed task and objectives of Brigada Eskwela, Masagana Elementary School marked its “Brigada Kick Off” on its first day of implementation. It was done with a parade and a short orientation participated by the community people, Barangay Officials, teachers PTA officers, SPG, girl/boy scouts, pupils, parents and some organizations like BHW, Masagana Farmers as well as the Senior Citizens.
During the orientation, Mr. Cesario C. Romasanta, the school head gave words of welcome and acknowledged all the volunteers and stakeholders who supported and sent inkind donations. He also mentioned the school physical facilities to be repaired and maintained.
The Schools Division Supervisor, Dr. Cleofe Z. Padrones, together with some principals and school heads also showed their support to the campaign.
Among the listed tasked done were the painting of garbage racks and containers for garbage segregation by SPG, cutting of grasses in the...

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