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Bright Future? Apple’s Futurology Of Dystopian Society

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Have you ever thought which world our children are going to live in, or even how our life is going to be in next few decades? What are we going to be afraid of, how would our expectations and dreams are going to change? The concept that humanity being on its critical stage of evolution became the “magic formula” of the modern science development and social disputes. The question of where we are leading to, whether we are going to face the deepening of the existing crisis or its propitious solution, actualizes the problem of forecasting of unknown future of humans. In literature and cinematography usage of visualizations of the dystopian future are brought as examples of the possible ...view middle of the document...

It showed that America should also be careful not to fall into this abyss.
Advertisement is borrowing Orwell’s plot to describe a future without Apple - an illusional world of Oceania under the tyrannical rule of Big Brother. By Apple’s tradition to contrapose their competitors, the negative character, the tyrant of the Oceania Big Brother, represents IBM. Meaning, the big computer companies are exploiting their customers, who are brainwashed to the extent that they can’t realize it by their own. This tyranny made all people indistinguishable from one another, wearing the same grey robes resemble prisoners. They are not just merely prisoners, the hypnosis of the big screen’s propaganda makes them unknowingly abandon their free will. Apple’s commercial, from univocal images to the name of video, got empowered from allusions to George Orwell’s “1984” that give the advertisement such a profound meaning that would be surprising to find in commercial video.
The girl in the add who appears with the hammer is a very distinctive character in this gloomy world. Firstly, she is the only female (or at least the only one who has recognizable features of the female) but, more importantly, she is wearing Olympic uniform. The Olympic symbol by that time had a strong influence on Americans because of patriotism - Olympic Games in 1984 were held in Los Angeles. So who can be the savior of the world if not an Olympic champion? She is like a hero from both realities - dystopian Oceania and the real world. She is a protagonist of Winston Smith from 1984 and representation of Apple in the video.
In addition, American values and traditions were also on the stake. The distinctive feature of American culture is a distrust to a strong centralized source of authority. For instance, the history of American criminal justice has formed on the never-ending sliding scale balancing between need for law and order and exercise of civil liberties. One of the catalysts why Apple chose such approach to its advertisement were the news that IBM was leaking all the information about its customers to the government for security reasons. Apple used people’s fear of technology as a way of intervention into their privacy. They are portraying their competitors as unworthy to be...

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