Brimbank Park: Adaptive Nature Of The Natural Environment In A Growing Urban Area

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Brimbank Park (coordinates 37.7340° S, 144.8370° E) is located in the Maribyrnong Valley (hollowed by the Maribyrnong River), near the Melbourne suburb Keilor. It is intersected by the Maribynong River and the M80 highway, which reveals the adaptive nature of the natural environment in a growing urban area. (Parks Victoria, 2013)

Figure 1: Map of Brimbank Park (Google Maps, 2014)

Brimbank Park consists mainly of sedimentary rock, due to its close proximity to the Maribyrnong River. Along the banks, alluvial deposits and terrace sediments arise from the Quaternary Period (Geological map of Victoria, 1973). Although there is a distinct lack of igneous rock in area, the sediments from primary igneous rock upstream have weathered and been carried downstream onto the river banks. This process has been accelerated due to the water in the ecosystem.
Sedimentary rock from the older Silurian Period is further from the river banks (Geological map of Victoria, 1973). Mudstone, inter-bedded shale and greywacke depositions indicate the Maribyrnong River may have previously taken a different shape, and younger sediments have replaced the older sediments in more recent geological periods.

The third alluvial deposition consists of sand, silt and minor inter-bedded gravel, and again indicates Brimbank Park’s changing geology over time. (Geological map of Victoria, 1973). These deposits, as well as a nearby fault suggest volcanic activity 5-1.6 million years ago, which explains the olivine basalt (fig. 2) deposits which date back to to the Silurian and Tertiary period.

Figure 2: Olivine basalt (Uncyclomedia commons. (2006))

Figure 3: Geology of Brimbank Park (Department of Primary Industries, 2012)

Figure 4: Geological Map of Brimbank Park (Geovic, 2007)


Brimbank Park possesses significant landscape values, with the Victorian Volcanic Plains valley and the Maribyrnong River and Taylors Creek intersecting the land.(Brimbank City Council, 2012)
Sedimentary rocks and fossils in the nearby Organ Pipes National Park suggest the area may have been part of an ocean 400 million years ago. (Parks Victoria, 2007). Basalt in the area also suggests a once present volcano, whose eruption may have resulted in the creation of the Keilor Plains. (Brimbank City Council, 2012)
The major geographic and topographical features of the park exist due to the Maribynong River. The tributaries of the nearby Maribyrnong River, Jacksons Creeks and Taylors Creek, created deep and very fertile valleys in the basalt plains, leading to a green landscape. (Parks Victoria, 2005).
History, fossils and artefacts indicate the region appealed to human civilisations such as the Aboriginals around 40,000 years ago. The walking paths and surrounding urban development highlights that the park is still a popular place today.

Figure 5: Bird’s eye view of Brimbank Park showing landscape (Google Maps, 2014)

Based on the geology of the area, it...

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