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Throughout almost two years’ experience in GGC, I have some appreciation for what the school have been provided and prepared for students with the best quality of life, learning, enjoyable, and comfortable in class as well as around the campus. However, I see a lack of union and meaning between the students also the campus itself. From building to building, the only things that connect them are the sidewalks, trees, and wide grasslands; the scene makes the campus look too plain; it left an unenjoyably and fatigue in me every morning I come to class, "I just want to get this done with!"
A number of solutions can be offered to the school by hiring craft artist come and do two or three around the campus, or having a big fill-in-blank chalkboard just like the chalkboard "Before I die, I want to__" by Candy Chang, right on the grass land in front of the library so students can reflect on their college lives and share their personal aspirations. Though GGC has a nice view of campus fill with fresh air and green color, the lack of spirit and art make the campus looks plain due to my point of view. By having art paintings around the campus and also inside the buildings which having the students involving with will make a big different to the school's appearance as well as each individuals.
Spirits of a college or university is based on how the students work, and solve problems together. Hence, students must be encouraged to develop new views by seeing how such views help them make better sense of the world. Each mutual painting can have different topic; for example, since Georgia Gwinnett College is a diverse college, we can have paintings about different countries’ festivals so others can at least learn and appreciate them. Sport and club activities can be also be imprinted on the wall in or out the gym and on the pilasters of B building, Student Center, Dining Hall, and some other open spaces. In additions, we can also have portrait of our school honor students; it is way to admire, applaud these students hard work and set good examples for current as well as future students to follow.
The administrators can inform students about the project through email, flyers, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The best time to start the project would be weekend or during summer when students have more free times. There will be faculties to look over the students as well as the progress. Each faculty can be assign to a group of four to five people and have different tasks so the project can be done in a short amount of time. There will be snacks and drinks for break time. To help students and...

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