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Bring Your Own Device The Misconception Of Costs

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BYOD - The Misconception of Cost And The Need For PolicyTable of Contents3IntroductionThe Misconception of Cost 4Constructing A Policy 5Governance 7Devices 8Support 9Infrastructure 10Software and Services 11Telecom Charges 12Summary 13Works Cited 13IntroductionBring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are on the rise, and initially the main thought on the minds of IT management was that by adopting a BYOD program, the savings will come from no longer having to purchase and support devices, or at least realize some savings to the company by leveraging the fact that the device cost would be absorbed by the employees. However, many companies who have implemented a BYOD program have discovered that they have not yet seen any cost savings, and in some instances, costs have actually increased. In a 2012 survey by Xigo, a provider of Telecom Expense Management, responders to the survey named cost savings as a top goal for adopting a BYOD program, however, in the same survey the actuality was that most respondents (67%) stated that their mobile costs had not changed, and nearly one-quarter of the respondents stated that they actually saw their mobile costs rise due to adopting BYOD. On the surface, it just doesn't seem possible that by allowing your employees to use their own personally owned devices that costs wouldn't shrink, but in reality, BYOD opens a whole new realm of either new costs to the company, exposes both the company and employees to severe and costly legal implications, or promotes the thought that support costs will decrease substantially. Most of the potentially large impacts to cost can be successfully mitigated through well defined and communicated policies, through these BYOD policies, you should define expectations, legal ramifications to your employees, authorized usage and the scope of security you will want in place. These policies will be your organizations sounding board so that by the time your employees start using personally owned devices they should be aware of and understand what is expected of them and what they are specifically authorized and not authorized to do while using their personal devices for corporate work.The Misconception of CostIn a Network World article written by Mary Brandel, Paul DeBeasi, research vice president at Gartner states that "BYOD probably will not save you money" (para. 4). The reason being is that most organizations start with the premise that it is no longer necessary to purchase smartphones, laptops or tablet computing devices so based on that assumption BYOD has to save money, and that the costs are still ultimately lower even if the company provides a stipend to employees using personally owned devices, and while relying on employees to provide their own devices and provide a partial stipend to defer the cost to employees, DeBeasi, points out that there are several hidden costs to BYOD that are normally not realized until after a BYOD program is brought into a company especially when...

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