Bringing Babies To Life: Natural Turns Technical

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“Did you know that one in three infants is born of a caesarean section?” “Did you know that most cesarean sections are not medically needed to give birth to the infant?” “Did you know that Julius Caesar was born of a caesarean section?” The first two questions are true, but regarding the last question, it is false. This, that many people believe is true, is actually false. In the time of Julius Caesar, women who used the caesarean section as their birthing method almost always did not survive the operation. Caesar’s mother was very much present in his life, thus experts say that he was not born of a caesarean section (Epstein 115). Although Julius Caesar is not a significant factor in the contribution to medical birthing technology and methods, the caesarean section is. It is one of the first unnatural methods in having a child and has led to to a multitude of changes in the world of conception and birth. It is a big moment in starting this world-wide revolution. Technology has revolutionized the journey of the birth of a child in both positive and negative ways.
Child birth is inevitable. It is necessary in order to keep the existence of the human race. A countless number of mothers have had to experience the fear and agonizing pain of labor because there was not any invented technology to soothe them. Although, women did have explicit information about sex, pregnancy tests, abortions and contraceptives. Before technology, medical authors were scribes-not experts- who noted how to speed up the labor process, what things are good to eat and drink during labor, and what women should tell themselves during the whole process. There were not any specialists who were certain that their knowledge was the truth. (Epstein 5-6). The birthing process was a mystery among many, and there was a sense of fear among women towards giving birth; pregnancy was regarded with horror. Women described labor as “the dreaded apparition,” “the greatest of earthly miseries,” or “the evil hour looked forward to with dread” (“Childbirth”). The reason many women felt that the pain was inescapable is because “the predominant belief was that the labor pain was punishment for Eve's sin” (“The History”). The reason behind all of this dread is that it was very common for either the mother or the baby to die during labor. It was not as safe as it is today. Women had a 1 in 8 chance of surviving through all of the childbirths they would experience, keeping in mind that before modern day, the average number of children that a woman would give birth to was 5-8 ("Childbirth"). Anne Bradstreet wrote about the uncertainty of surviving in her poetry. She said, “How soon, my dear, death may my steps attend/ How soon’t may be thy lot to lose thy friend” (“Childbirth”).
During the Renaissance and Middle Ages, only men were allowed to be involved in the delivery. Women were not allowed to practice subjects involved in any medical area. This is because midwives were...

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