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Bringing Back Corporal Punishment Essay

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Bringing Back Corporal Punishment

Since the turning of the past years the idea of corporal punishment in schools has been brought up again. School shouldn’t be a place where violence is the punishment, students need to focus on their education. Although corporal punishment scares children straight from misbehaving, we should not bring it back because it can damage the child physically and mentally.

Corporal punishment could bring back control the classrooms once had in previous years. John Madala said, “We’ve got to equip the teachers with the tools they need to maintain structure and control in their classrooms” (Stepzinski). In this century most teachers need more control but violence isn’t the answer. Some teachers just need to be more assertive and take charge of their classroom. John Madala has also mentioned, “Corporal punishment would be another tool in the box to control unruly students” (Stepzinski). Children who act out don’t need anymore exposure to negative violence in their life. Hitting someone will not correct their mistakes or teach them right from wrong. In conclusion no matter how much more control a teacher needs or wants violence should never be the answer.

Corporal punishment would negatively affect the students learning environment. “Corporal punishment is big hurdle in creating a learning - friendly environment in schools” (“Corporal Punishment”) said Akbar Khan. Children these days are already exposed to too much negative violence. It would also very difficult to balance corporal discipline between a learning - friendly environment. I asked Stacy Wyant the 8th grade counselor of Hefner Middle School in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, could corporal punishment possibly make the student afraid to come to school? Her response was " Yes... School is a place where the student shouldn’t be afraid of danger and focus on learning day by day" (Personal Interview on February 24th, 2014). Students should never be afraid to get an education, but definitely not afraid of the one person providing that educations. School should be a safe, learning - friendly, and non - violent place for children of today to get a good learning experience. Therefore schools should not bring back corporal punishment because children need a healthy learning environment and they need a place to get away...

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