Bringing Back The Five Year High School Program

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Bringing Back the Five Year High School Program
For many teens, their four years of high school have been a memorable and transforming experience, but for others, high school was just another brick building keeping them from the real world. But what if another year of education was added back to the four year program and it assisted students with their high school experience? Since 2003, Toronto high schools have removed the fifth year of the high school program but people have spoken about bringing back the extra year to help students with course averages, stress and decrease the dropout rate. Returning to the five year program may be beneficial to help high school students with ...view middle of the document...

This extended high school program will also provide students with s year for them to take courses that interest them. Their will to learn will increase if students are given time to choose courses based on their interests and/or hobbies. It gives them time to relax from other sources of stress like increased work load. It is said that having academic courses will help students stay on task and become persistent because of the increased amount of work they need to complete, however, an abundance school work can cause extreme stress and/or anxiety. If a student were to have a course schedule of Physics, biology, Chemistry, Advanced functions, Calculus and French, he/she would need some time to relax in a day and express themselves thorough one of their interests, so they may choose to take an arts course (i.e. Drama, Dance, Media Studies, etc.) or join a club or activity. The five year high school program can help with improving a student’s overall average which will later be of value to them when applying to post-secondary schools. A student with a lower grade average in their final year of highs school will have a smaller chance of getting accepted into the university/college program of their choice whereas a student with a higher average during their final high school year will have a greater chance of being accepted into university/college program of their choice. The fifth year will provide more time to focus on school work and to receive help from teachers. The five year program in high schools will significantly help students with course planning and marks but also help them keep peace of mind.

The senior years of high school can be stressful because of increased workload, responsibility, maturity and post-secondary education. Bringing back the five year program to Toronto high schools will give students more time to prepare for their post-secondary options. Some people believe that younger high school graduates show a sense of responsibility and increased intelligence, so the idea of graduating at a younger age is encouraged or even pushed onto students by others. However, stepping into post-high school ‘shoes’ at a young age can be very stressful and bring...

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