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Lowering The Legal Drinking Age To 18

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Lowering the Legal Drinking Age to 18

Sarah, an eighteen-year-old college freshman, walks into a convenience store and moves timidly to the back, hoping that no one she knows will see her. Opening the refrigerator door, she pulls out a chilled case of Coors Light. Sarah nervously approaches the cashier, with her fake ID ready to be shown, and places the case of beer on the counter. Upon first sight, the cashier assumes that Sarah is not of legal age to buy beer, because she is petite and looks young. When she places the case on the counter, the cashier asks her for her ID. Sarah, ready to show her seemingly flawless fake form of identification, hands it to him. At first glance, the ID seems to be real, and the date of birth appears correct, but, when looked at closely, the picture does not exactly resemble the underage customer. The cashier identifies this ID as false identification and refuses to sell Sarah the case of Coors Light.
In the 1980's, Sarah would have been allowed to purchase this case of Coors Light, because then it was legal for eighteen-year-olds to buy and drink alcoholic beverages. In 1984, the United States Government pressured the states to raise the legal drinking age to twenty-one. The government used financial incentives to bribe the states, and "As of 1988, every state had raised its legal minimum drinking age from eighteen to twenty-one" (Buckley, 174). Today, this is a controversial topic among many eighteen-year-olds, because they have the same responsibilities and privileges as adults, yet people under the age of twenty-one are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. Legally, eighteen-year-olds have the responsibility to serve their country in war, to pay taxes, and to be prosecuted in the court of law as an adult. When people turn eighteen they also gain the privileges to vote, to enter into marriage, to make legal contracts, to purchase tobacco and pornography, and to live on their own, among other things. Is it right to grant eighteen-year-olds all of these privileges and responsibilities, and to restrict them from drinking alcohol? If eighteen-year-olds don't have the discretion to drink responsibly, then how could they possibly handle the responsibilities and privileges that adults have? I believe that eighteen-year-olds do have the ability to handle the freedoms and responsibilities of being an adult, which should include the privilege to drink alcohol. Many eighteen-year-olds are college freshmen, and, in most colleges, beer is available to people under the age of twenty-one. "Remorseless drinking has long been as much a ritual of university life as football, final exams, and frat parties" (Gorman, 176). I believe that the federal government is tempting these underage adults by restricting their legal ability to drink in such an environment as college campuses where it is legal for many of the students to consume alcoholic beverages. In order to be able to drink alcohol, many...

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