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Brit I Am In Your Tree

3376 words - 14 pages

krislique : HEY COCK SUCKER krislique : DID U LIKE MYMESSAGE brit935 : YEAH WHAT ABOUT IT krislique : I WROTE IT FOR YOU brit935 : nice krislique : A LITTLE SLOW THERE...EH? I LOVE TO WAIT.... brit935 : i have other people to talk to too you know krislique : NOTHONG AS GOOD AS WHEN I TALK TO YOU krislique : NOTHING brit935 : so where do you live krislique : IN UR TREE brit935 : ha ha brit935 : very funny krislique : IT NOT FUNNY A BRANCH IS UP MY ASS brit935 : seriously where krislique : AT THE TOP BY THE LEAVES brit935 : whats my address krislique : I SING WITH THE BIRDS THIS MORNING krislique : IM BLIND IN 1 EYE brit935 : whats my adress krislique : AND BIRD SHIT IN THE OTHER brit935 : very funny krislique : AND 1 TOOTH krislique : I CARVED YOUR NAME WITH IT IN YOUR TREE krislique : WITH A HEART krislique : AND A KNIFE brit935 : you dont know where i live krislique : DON'T BELEIVE ME THEN krislique : I'LL WATCH U FROM AFAR brit935 : where do i live then brit935 : what school do i go to krislique : IN A HOUSE...BESIDE THE TREE ON THAT STREET krislique : WE LIVE PRETTY CLOSE krislique : COME VISIT ME ONE DAY brit935 : i dont have trees by my house krislique : LOOK HARDER BUDDY krislique : OLD PAL brit935 : whats ur name krislique : krislique...why you ask brit935 : I DONT KNOW GUY NAMED THAT krislique : DON'T YOU REMBER ME brit935 : HA HA krislique : I THE ONE IN THE TREE brit935 : THEN WHATS MY NAME brit935 : WHAT IS IT brit935 : HU brit935 : HUH brit935 : HUH brit935 : HUH krislique : BRIT krislique : HUH krislique : HUH krislique : HUH krislique : HAHAH brit935 : NO THAT IS BRITNEY SPEARS brit935 : THATS SHORT FOR BRIT krislique : MY ASS brit935 : I DONT THINK MY NAME IS BRITNEY SPEARS krislique : WHO DID krislique : I MADE A LITTLE NAME 4 YOU brit935 : IF IT WAS I WOULD BE A MULTI MILLIONARE krislique : NOT IF I COULD HELP IT brit935 : WHAT YOU MAKE NO SENSE? brit935 : ! krislique : YES I DO brit935 : NO U DONT krislique : LOOK IN THE TREE BRIT krislique : LOOK INT HR TREE brit935 : OKAY krislique : DO YOU SEE ME WITH MY ONE EYE AND ONE TOOTH brit935 : HA HA I WENT AND LOOKED YOUR TRYING TO PLAY WITH MY MIND krislique : I'M SINGING YOU A SONG WITH THE BRANCH UP MY ASS LEAVES IN MY FACE AND A BIRD ON MY LEFT SHOULDER BY THE LONG SCAR WITH BLACK HAIRS COMING OUT krislique : DO YOU SEE krislique : I FEEL FREE brit935 : shut up your wierd how the heck can you be on...

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