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Britain As The Undefeated Nation In World War Ii

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Britain as the Undefeated Nation in World War II Britain was the Only European Country to Remain Both Undefeated and
Opposed to Hitler's Germany Throughout the Period June 1940 to October

After Hitler's Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland, Norway, Belgium,
Czechoslovakia, France and Holland, Britain was alone in Europe. The
Nazi - Soviet Pact of August 1939, stated neither Germany nor Russia
would attack each other. The United States of America had no interest
in the War, the opinion still of isolationism. Britain was alone in
Europe from June 1940 to October 1943, the point where Italy changed

Britain sent troops from the B.E.F to France, but the almighty power
of the German forces had pushed them back to the beaches of Dunkirk,
where 1/2 million British and French troops were surrounded. A major
fault of Hitler's actions were that he had not pushed further the last
remaining miles to the enemy. His troops had become so exhausted due
to the invasion of Europe, they took rest. In this period, Britain
sent ships to collect their men. 333,000 were saved. These men were
able to fight another day and what could have been a major defeat to
Britain was avoided.

Another main reason was the geography of Britain. Surrounded by water,
planes unable to stay over the country for long without having to
refuel and logistically and militarily, invasion was always set to be
a problem for enemy forces. This was a major reason of how Britain
stayed undefeated, principally at the outset of the War when Hitler's
invasion plan was beginning to commence.

The Battle of Britain, which lasted from July 1940 to 17 September
1941, was a major turning point in the events of the War. Hitler's
plan, 'Operation Sealion' was to defeat Britain by bombing direct
military targets and important supply lines. The first objective was
to take control of the skies. The Luftwaffe had begun destroying the
direct targets, however, the great resistance of the RAF had led
Goerring to bomb runways and plane manufacturing areas. The RAF was
losing more pilots than they could train and Britain was almost
certainly defeated. However, Hitler decided to start bombing London
and other highly populated civilian areas, known as the 'Blitz.' This
highly significant decision meant the RAF could fight more easily,
under less pressure, destroying the unarmed bomb carriers. The
Spitfires and Hurricanes were exceptionally important in the attacks
on German planes due to their superior agility and firing power,
minimising the number of German planes available to be deployed.

Another influential factor was that German bombers could not carry a
sufficient number of bombs to cause extensive damage and break the
will of the...

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