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Britain's Black Debt By Professor Sir Hilary Mc D. Beckles

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Book Report on "Britain's Black Debt" by Professor Sir Hilary McD. Beckles.
This piece is a report on Britain's Black Debt: Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide a book by Professor Sir Hilary McD. Beckles. The copy of the book that I have is a soft covered (paperback) version that costs two hundred and twenty five TT dollars. The ISBN number is 978-976-640-268-6. This book is published by the University of West Indies Press. It was published in Mona, Jamaica in 2013.The manuscript consists of fifteen chapters and on two hundred and ninety two pages.
Professor Sir Hilary McD. Beckles is a Barbadian historian and scholar who is currently Principal and Pro-vice Chancellor ...view middle of the document...

Professor Beckles illustrates and assesses the crimes committed against the Caribbean by Britain in several noteworthy ways, of which I will address only five, that is first five chapter of the book.
Firstly, the politics and principles that are associated with the acknowledgement of the need for reparations. In addressing this subject, Professor Beckles emphasizes on the fact that these crimes committed against the Caribbean people have had a permanent and devastating effects psychologically, materially and socially on its victims. He also stresses in saying that compensation could never entirely deliver reconciliation between the victims and beneficiaries of these crimes, since atonement cannot account for the social and psychological benefits that the Europeans have attained from slavery and the slave trade. He also added that due to the Europeans' financial ascendency by means of slavery and the slave trade that there can be no reconciliation without atonement.
Britain's Black Debt brought to a large extent vastly new ideas, facts and perspectives to my frame of mind.----example-----.
Britain's Black Debt is a very purposeful and significant piece of writing in that it ventures toward a greater sense of equality and freedom for all humanity. This is shown in that reparation discourse is deemed to propose the notion of returning the victims of those historical illegal crimes against humanity to a situation that would probably exist without the occurrence of those crimes. The writing materializes as exceedingly intellectual as reflected in the author's use of intricate words, phrases and...

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