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Birth control has been a huge part of the human life and it has helped many women from not becoming pregnant. Over the years there has been numerous of methods invented to prevent pregnancy among women. In which these methods help the fertility control and also helps the prevention sexually transmitted infections. Birth control can be affective as long as the proper birth control is being used correctly.
The spermicide is one of the birth control methods it can control the elements that can harms the sperm. This method can come in different forms it has to be placed in the vagina before having sex. There different types of spermicide it all depends in which the users purchases. The ...view middle of the document...

The diaphragm is a rubber dome that is put in the cervix before having sex. This method protects sperm from getting into the uterus in which there isn’t any harm to the person’s hormones. The lack of effectives is it can be irritation and urinary tract infections while using this birth control. This method has to be fitted by a doctor and it doesn’t protect from STDs and the women can’t use it while there in there period.
The birth control sponge is foam, it has to be placed in the cervix in between a day before having sex. This sponge is affective, but it’s not 100% protected in which only a few women have actually gotten pregnant. This method does not require a fitting by a doctor. The advantage of this method is effective and there no prescription needed. The disadvantages it may be hard to put in and it doesn’t protect from STDs.
The most common birth control is the pill method in which it has to be taken on a schedule every day. This pill releases hormones that protects ovaries from discharging the eggs and clots the cervical mucus. That makes the sperm from arriving into the vagina. This method is very effective few women become pregnant using this pill. This method has to be taken normally or it won’t work, this method requires a prescription in order to get it. The advantages for this method it can affect the female period. The disadvantages are it cannot protection the women from getting STDs. The disadvantages are this pill can cause blood pressure and blood clots.
The birth control path is use a lot with women because some women tend to not remember to take the pill. This path is worn on the skin and changed only once a week for three week. This patch discharges the same hormones as the birth control pill and is effective as the pill. The advantages of this method can help with the female’s period cramps. The disadvantages of using this path it can cause side effects and it doesn’t not protect from getting infected with STDs.
The vaginal ring is one of the methods were it has to be placed inside the vagina. This method is as effective it has to be replacing once a month. The hormones that are being releases from the method help to stop the sperm from getting into the egg. This method can be expensive and it can cause the women to have side effects and protects from the women to have STDs.
A common birth control method is the shot it insurances the person from getting pregnant for three months. This shot contains progestin and a hormone that prevents from the sperm entering the vagina. This method is additional effective as the pill actually few women have gotten pregnant. The advantages of this shot is only injected four times a year and...

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