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British Airways "World's Leading Airline 2007" Luck Or Marketing?

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British Airways "World's Leading Airline 2007"LUCKORMARKETING?What is the phenomenon that helped British Airwayssurvive the bumpy road to success?London, February 2008PREFACE1.INTRODUCTION2.METHODOLOGY3.HISTORY4.BRITISH AIRWAYS STRATEGY FOR THE NEXTTHREE YEARS5.PEST ANALYSIS•POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT•ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT•SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT•TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT6.SWOT ANALYSIS•STRENGHTS•WEAKNESSES•OPPORTUNITIES•THREATS7.BRITISH AIRWAYS KEEPS INVOLVED AND KEEPS INVOLVING8.CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY9.COMPETITON10.FINANCIAL OVERVIEW11.CHALLENGES10. RECOMMENDATIONS11. CONCLUSIONSINTRODUCTIONBritish Airways is one of the world's leading international airlines, operating international and domestic scheduled and charter air services. Its revenues are generated primarily from business and leisure passengers, cargo and mail. British Airways is the largest airline and flag carrier of the United Kingdom and one of the largest in Europe.We thought it would be interesting to research how British Airways gained title "World's Leading Airline 2007" despite all the controversies, which happened in the last years. That is why we chose the theme for our report: "What is the phenomenon that helped British Airways survive the bumpy road to success? British Airways "World's Leading Airline 2007"- luck or marketing?".We looked at the corporate strategy of British Airways to see if their goals have changed in the past, and to identify what their main target is. We also examined what the company wants to achieve and deliver to their customers. We closely researched company's strategy for the next three years to observe the guidelines for the future and the new improvements that would be put into practice to keep and attract consumers.We also analyzed environments in which British Airways operates using PEST analysis. In this paragraph we stated political, economic, social and technological environments positive and negative influence areas, which have to be carefully considered before starting and operating in chosen business, in this case airline industry. To position correctly business in the market, every company must identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or otherwise known as SWOT analysis. That is why we applied SWOT analysis to British Airways to properly locate it in the market of airline industry.In our report, we researched how British Airways is promoting and constantly reminding consumers about their services, we called this section "British Airways keeps involved and keeps involving". It includes sponsorships, approach "Customer is the King" and company's offered loyalty programme. As in every business there is competition, we examined how British Airways has used Porter's five generic forces model to establish its main competitors.The research also shows financial overview of the company. This essential part allows us to analyse British Airways performance for the last years, its profits and...

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