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British Colonies In North America Essay

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British Colonies in North America
Despite their staggering differences economically, politically, and culturally, the British colonies of North America managed to pull together to resist the British policies that were threatening their ways of life. Each of the colonies struggled to inhabit and thrive in a new land; disease, Native American raids, and lack of knowledge about growing crops were a few things that stood in their way. After powering through years of hardship and labor, losing loved ones, colonies failing, and struggling to survive, the colonies finally got on their feet and began to grow from the foundations they had established.
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However, after most of these indentured servants had finished their years of servitude, these colonies turned to slavery. Slavery became a massive part of the Southern colonies’ economy and they thrived because of this. Throughout the entire English-population in North America, there was a great deal of economic diversity and this made the colonies distinctive in their different ways.
The colonies were also not similar politically. In New England, politics revolved around the church because those colonies were initially inhabited for religious freedom. Mostly Puritans inhabited these colonies for a while and this greatly influenced politics because only church members could be a part of the colonial government. Later on, when more people emigrated, this strict Puritan mentality dissipated and more people had the opportunity to run for government positions. The Middle colonies had colonial assemblies that were influenced by wealth and social standing and were often competitive in nature. This was unlike the other colonies because only men that were wealthy and active in the community could run for office. This was not necessarily because of laws that were enforced, but because of social law and expectations of colonists. The Southern colonies had much more relaxed elections for government officials and the offices were regularly passed down from generation to generation. Maryland and Pennsylvania were unique in the fact that they were proprietorship colonies and were owned by families instead of the English government. This ownership gave the families the power to appoint government officials however they wanted.
The cultural diversity of the British colonies of North America was astounding and rightfully so. The New England colonies were established under strict religious views and most of their inhabitants were from England. These colonists settled into villages and cities and church was the center of everything political, including the town meetings and government. Non-church members could not...

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