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British Serial Killer Essay

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She is best known as the famous notorious British serial killer. Her crimes horrified and sickened many British families. I first heard about Beverly Allitt when I was watching TruTV. The show had a feature on Allitt and her crimes, this instantaneously caught my attention. The fact that a nurse would intentionally harm children seemed immensely ironic and riveting to me. In my eyes, a nurse was someone who cared and showed concern for a patient. Not someone who intentionally caused anguish and trauma upon innocent children.
Coming into this topic, I didn’t know much about the scandalous nurse. I scarcely knew about her history and background. I had heard that Allitt was mentally sick and had suffered some obstacles during her childhood. I also knew that her main way of killing was through over doses of insulin, and that she worked at a ward for infants. The speculations that Allitt suffered from an odd mental illness always intrigued me.
I’ve always had many questions about Allitt and her murders. Like, why the children were killed and why they were so young? Children would’ve been easy targets for Allitt. Since most children are smaller than most adults, it would be easier for an adult to over power a child. Also, young children are innocent and might not realize what is happening in there surroundings. This leads me to my next question, how many children were killed and how were they killed? From my small knowledge of Allits history, I thought that she had killed five children. I also knew, that her main way of killing was through large amounts of potassium or insulin. Allit’s murder weapons were easily accessible to her. I’ve always wondered if Allitt really had a mental disorder, or if she was faking it for sympathy. I think, a human being cannot commit such horrifying crimes and be perfectly normal. How did Beverly manage to get away with these crimes? Because crimes like these weren’t very common in the 20th century, most people wouldn’t expect a nurse to do such an egregious act. Nurses and serial killers almost contradict each other. Nurses are supposed to be caretakers, not menacing serial killers. Since Allitt’s main targets were children, I figured something in her childhood had to be the reasons behind her murders. I thought she had a difficult childhood. All the unanswered questions about Beverly Allitt only make me more eager to find the answers.

Part II
Researching in the library was an overall okay experience. Although, it was a lengthy process finding trustworthy sources, I was still able to find good sources prior to our last library day. I decided to Google search “Beverly Allitt”. The article, “All about Beverly Allitt” by Katherine Ramsland was the second website that emerged from my search. Ramsland article was very specific and highly detailed. It answered all the questions that I had desired to know and more. The last source I found was from the Saint. Louis County Library. Female serial killers: How...

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