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I am interested in a management career in education because I want do engaging work that is not only interesting but also meaningful and that can help level the chances for low income Hispanics in the US. If I reflect, I chose to study my undergraduate degree in Economics because I was interested in issues of fairness and social improvement, however as the time went by, I set a personal objective of coming to the US to get and MBA and I turned my focus on the achievement of this goal. I remember the first day of business school when someone asked me what I wanted to do for my summer internship, my mind was blown up thinking, “I just got here and now I have to figure out what is next”, but I ...view middle of the document...

Most of all, I confirmed that Hispanics feel fortunate to come to a country not only that gives them better opportunities but also that gives their children access to education; however, in my last three years in the classroom I have seen things that are very worrisome, Latino children are having much more challenges in the learning process that most of his English speaking peers as many of the statistics tell us. I have observed the language challenges, the delay in the reading process and the teacher-parent miscommunication that many Latino children have even at a pre-k stage, fortunately I have also observed the great advantage that some bilingual children have when they can be better guided and realize that having two languages can be advantageous for them. Being that around 25% of the students in public K-12 education are Hispanic I believe that not only my financial management skills, but also my understanding of both the cultural and language challenges for this segment could serve me well for a management career in education.

While living in Miami I led a group of college volunteers in teaching basic financial concepts in a publicly funded homeless center, coordinating the volunteer body proved to be less of a challenge that I was expecting but finding a voice in a publicly funded institution where sometimes politics seemed more important than providing effective help was a true learning process for me. This experience made me realize that although adult homeless in Miami were in great need of help, the root of the problem and the true teaching would have to be done much earlier in life. My work with Pre-K children has confirmed that the impact that the early years of education have is fundamental and I get very frustrated when I...

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