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Broadband Application Provider's View On Fcc Rules For Preserving The Open Internet

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Policy Brief – First Draft
Sandeep Nair – 103068647
Representing - Broadband Application Provider’s view on FCC rules for preserving the open internet
Executive Summary
This policy brief puts forward the point of view of the Broadband application provider regarding the open internet rules proposed by the FCC. The broadband application providers support the open internet rules, which states that the internet should be transparent and the access to it should be blocking and free from unreasonable discrimination. This rules will allow broadband application providers to provide their content to all the users without unnecessary blocking by the ISPs. This policy brief first describes the FCC's idea of the open internet. Secondly, it describes the problems faced by the broadband application providers due to irregularity in the open internet rules. It also provides an overview of the current policies and the point of view of other groups. Finally, it concludes with recommendations to the open internet rules.
I. Introduction
With the rapid development of the Internet and making its presence in all tasks that we perform today, the role of ISP’s has changed from just a service provider to an attendant who monitors who can access his infrastructure [1]. This has given rise to concerns about how the
ISP’s are going to strategize in charging for accessing the content on the internet. As a result, the open internet was the term evolved.
a) What is Open Internet?
Internet is the system of interconnected computers and devices that use TCP/IP protocol suite to connect devices across the world. To extend this concept, Open Internet is the internet where broadband Internet Service providers (ISP) are supposed to treat all the data flowing through the internet in equal manner. They are not allowed to discriminate between different applications and application provider’s traffic. Tim Wu, the inventor of web describes the open internet as a network design principle. He states that the maximum benefit of the public information network (internet) can be acquired by treating all the content, sites, applications and platforms equally [2]. On the open internet, people can communicate freely with others, transmit and receive information of their choice, and develop and use applications of their own choice. This is sometimes, also referred to as “Net Neutrality” or “Network Neutrality”.
b) FCC’s idea of open internet.
On December 21, 2010, FCC adopted some rules to preserve the openness of the internet [4]. This Open Internet Order of 2010 divides internet access into two classes i.e., fixed line providers and wireless providers. The order is more aggressive towards fixed line broadband providers as compared to wireless providers. The rules were formulated to prevent ISP’s from carrying out unlawful practices in blocking the access to the content.
This FCC’s idea of open internet follows three specific rules
1. Transparency:
FCC suggests that fixed and mobile broadband...

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