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Top Ten Mysths Of Mobile Broadband

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Mobile broadband is confusing to many people, not helped by the array of confusing terminology, such as dongles, USP and USB’s. Mobile broadband is a technology that remains bewildering to great many users, even though it is accessible to the majority of people. To help explain both the terminology and basic technical knowhow, here are the top ten myths commonly expressed about mobile broadband.

Slow Speed of Mobile Broadband Compared to Home Broadband
Home broadband used to be a lot faster but this is no longer true. Mobile broadband currently has an average connection speed of 7 megabytes, this is about the as a standard home broadband connection, which is generally 8 megabytes. Mobile broadband speed can be increased free of charge by the use of a specifically designer browser, an example of which is Opera Turbo. This compresses web pages, reducing their size, before sending to the user, thus speeding up what would have been a slow connection by up to five times.

Not Enough Download Allowance
There are a great many broadband packages around that offer as much as 15 gigabytes of monthly usage. If you’re not sure how much that is, then 10 gigabytes is equivalent to 10,000 emails, over 300 four-minutes music downloads, up to 100 hours of internet surfing, and 50 30-minute video downloads. You will find there are a few broadband packages with much lower limits, which would prohibit users, but if that’s all you need then they are idea and cheaper. It is simple to compare which broadband package is best value for money by going to a comparison site.

You Can’t Connect to Mobile Broadband Without a Dongle
You can now buy laptops that have broadband pre-installed, you can also tether laptops to mobiles, and this means that the mobile telephone provides an internet gateway for the laptop to connect to the internet. Dongles and MiFi’s are still used quite widely but are now not essential.

Dongles are Not Very Inspiring
The original design of a dongle was not a very pleasing one, made of plastic and metal, they would fit into the side of a laptop via a PCMCIA slot. More recent versions are both functional and stylish as they are very small USB devices, some providers offer a...

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