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Broadcast And Cable Networks Concerning Tv

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The TV is turned on at 8:30pm on a Tuesday evening. What is playing? Usually, a mix of different shows spattered across the many different stations vying to hold the 1# spot during the TV schedule window, known as “Prime Time.” A person may think that during this time, a plethora of television shows choices are available to him or her. But, is that choice really up to them? TV programming, especially during Prime Time, is highly researched and organized in order to garner as much viewership as possible. Components like, age, race, income, and interest, are all considered in the creation of a television show and play a vital role concerning where and when a show is placed on the TV schedule. Two networks, FOX, a broadcast network, and TBS, a cable network, use this kind of information to create program content, target certain audiences, and organize commercial lineup for the hit shows, respectively, Glee and the Big Bang Theory.
Today, the FOX network is often criticized for its counter-popular political stance in the news, but its cutting edge TV programs keep the network alive. One of FOX’s current hit programs is Glee, debuting in 2009. Glee is a show that is centered on the lives of students and teachers involved in a high school Glee/Show choir club. The purpose of Glee is to display struggles that teens and sometimes adults go through; the show is known for its controversial content. The writing of the program displays this controversy through common problems, multiplied by gossipy dramas, typical in the high school sociosphere. The Glee storyline is easy to follow and pick up on. Because of the unique style of the program, a diverse audience is brought into its viewership. However, as the national FOX network is looking to bring in more money, the target audience is the large demographic of women, who are white and between the ages of teens to mid30s. Although it deals with mature content at times, Glee is tame enough for children to watch with the discretion of a parent. In this way, a mom could watch Glee with her entire family, opening the target audience a bit more to children and men, belonging to white families. As the primary Glee target audience is women of middle age and middle class, products displayed in the commercials offer convenience. Bertolli Home-Style, Velveeta, Walmart, and are a few that are directed to this audience. Catering to the younger portion of the female audience is the romance ideal product. Reflecting the young relationship-rich content of Glee, film previews featuring heartthrobs – Three Musketeers, Time, and 50/50 – flutter the hearts of the younger (presumably white) viewers. Finally, the man of the house is addressed in the commercial lineup. Promos for sport events, snazzy Ford commercials, and film previews depicting strong father figures, like Lion King and Real Steel, target this smaller audience. Decidedly, Glee, as a program featured on the FOX network, works to effectively branch...

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