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Radio Television Malaysia Essay

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Radio Televisyen Malaysia or RTM is a Malaysian government-owned television network which owns and operates a number of radio and television stations in Malaysia. At present, RTM runs 8 national (Nasional FM, Muzik FM, KL FM, TraXX FM, Ai FM, Minnal FM, Asyik FM, Klasik FM), 16 state (Perlis FM, Kedah FM, Mutiara FM, Perak FM, Selangor FM, Negeri FM, Melaka FM, Johor FM, Pahang FM, Terengganu FM, Kelantan FM, Sarawak FM, WAI FM, Red FM, Sabah FM, Sabah V FM), 7 district radio stations (Langkawi FM, Sibu FM, Limbang FM, Miri FM, RaSA FM, Sandakan FM, Tawau FM) and 2 television channels (TV1, TV2).History of Radio Television MalaysiaTelevision was introduced to Malaysia in the 1960s. The first television network, Talivishen Malaysia, was inaugurated by then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman on December 23, 1963. In 1969, a second channel was added to serve the nation's viewers. Today, these two state-run television channels, commonly known as RTM 1 and RTM 2, both are government owned but they serve slightly different functions. RTM 1 is committed to promoting national unity, security and development. Besides, it also consists of mostly local educational and information programs in the national language. RTM 2 has been given a more entertainment-oriented role, it offering movies and other programming in English, Tamil and Mandarin. From 1963 to 1984, RTM 1 and 2 dominated the Malaysian broadcasting scene. RTM also has a nationwide radio network (affiliates, real audio, program schedules, archived broadcast material).Does Malaysia Need RTM?Does Malaysia needs RTM the radio television of Malaysia? In conjunction with that question, we should initially understand its origin on this subject, whether it should be continue broadcasted in the Malaysia television network or not to be continued and support on its existence no more.To understand the relationship between the Malaysian government and the mass media, as short, RTM, we should begin by looking at the history of this multiracial society in Malaysia. Malaysia was born in relation by a population consisting of three main ethnic groups, Malay, Chinese, and Indian. In those days, the tensions among these communities, in particular between the Malay and the Chinese, have been considered high since even after Malaysia was independent in 31st of August 1957.However, the unfortunate happens in Malaysia on the 13th of May 1969. It was a historical moment to Malaysian due to the outcome of a national general election, when a communal riot eventually erupted, which left two hundred dead. As the media were not decisively used during the crisis and in the absence of credible and complete accounts of events, wild rumors circulated, greatly worsening the situation. Hence corrective measures were imposed and government policy on developing a 'Malaysian identity and culture' led to reorganizations in broadcast services following the 1969 clashes.Subsequently after that incident, the Minister of Information that...

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