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An Alternative To Expensive Colleges And Universities

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The costs of a college education have been soaring at a faster rate than the costs of healthcare in the past few decades. These rising costs have negatively impacted our national debt and student loan debt currently sits at over 1 trillion dollars. The solution to this growing problem is to make all public higher education free. Student goals of developing their minds and learning for the sake of being educated are being undermined by high costs of tuition. It is important for our nation to be educated, and a compromise is not hard to find to allow as many students as possible to reach their goals of higher education.
In Robert Samuels article, “For Public Colleges, the Best Tuition is No Tuition,” his main goal is clearly stated; public college tuition should be free. In this piece, Samuels offers many attainable solutions to this currently outstanding problem. Samuels states the cost of making all public universities free would be around $97 billion and $33 billion for community college, based on what the federal and state governments already spend on Pell Grants and financial aid. By using current resources in a more effective manner, Samuels explains his ultimate goal. He proves his point that by making public education free, our taxation systems, tax revenue, and national debt will all decrease.
In 1947, it was recommended to then-President Harry Truman that education ought to be both free and universal through all levels of education, as a way to extend affordability to higher education. The commission report stated “It is obvious, that free and universal access to education, in terms of the interest, ability, and need of the student, must be a major goal in American education. The time has come to make education through the fourteenth grade available in the same way that high school education is now available.” Well, it’s currently 67 years later, and we are still funneling outlandish sums of money into our education systems.
The United States now spend one-fifth less per public college student on average than they did a ten years ago (Block). In California, which once boasted a public higher education system that was the envy of the countless countries, state funding per-student has been entirely cut in half. Recently, The House Republican budget voted in favor of letting interest rates double on government-subsidized student loans as well as for deep cuts in Pell Grants and other financial aides. With this vote, students who opt to borrow the maximum in subsidized loans would end up paying as much as $1,000 a year in added interest. In April 2012, President Obama wisely called for extending the lower rate and began enlisting college students into this cause (Weekly Address).
Republican leaders quickly calculated the threats of these angering young voters. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney decided to change sides in order to support extending the lower rates. House Republicans passed an extension while Senate Democrats proposed to pay for the...

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