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Broken Health Care System In America

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Sicko, a film by Michael Moore was released in 2007. The film investigates health care system in the United States. One would definitely get amazed by the facts and figures explained in this documentary. The movie explains failing health care system in the United States. America has advance medical technology, big hospitals, and educated health care professionals, but these facilities are not universal. The film starts by talking about true American stories; what some people have experienced from current health care system, those who had and did not had health insurances. The story starts by Adam, one of 50 million people in America who does not have health insurance. Due to an accident Adam required a medical treatment, but for the reason of not having any insurance he puts stitches on his leg by himself. The second story was about Rick, who accidentally cut the top of his two fingers, middle and the ring while working on the table saw. As a result of not having health insurance, Rick could not put the top of his middle finger back because it was costing 60,000 dollars and he did not had the money. So, he decided to put his ring finger back because it cost 12,000 dollars which he could afford. The movie does not go into the detail of 50 million people who do not have health insurance, but it’s about 250 million Americans who do have health insurance.
Larry and Dana Smith, a couple who had insurance, but due to deductibles and co-payments to the hospitals they had to sell their home and move to their daughter’s place. Frank at the age of 79 was working at a super store because his insurance was not paying for the all medicines he required. There was another lady who had health insurance, but it got cancelled after she was diagnosed with some disease. The reason for this cancellation was because she forgot to disclose about her resolved yeast infection virus that she had in the past. More importantly, some people have died because of the insurance companies setups. Tracy, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer, was denied by his insurance company because they did not cover this expense. He could not have his bone marrow transplant. His family could not afford this treatment; therefore, he died leaving his son and wife alone.
Health care companies like Blue Shield, Horizon, CIGNA and BCS are not there to help people; their main motive is to maximize profits. For example, Humana insurance company considers it as a medical loss if they have to pay for any claim. Insurance companies find their way out. They either deny the patient from the care they need by saying this was not covered, or during the application process they don’t approve the health insurance because of the pre-existing medical conditions such as yeast infection. When Hillary Clinton proposed a social health care plan, health care industry spent millions of dollars to abolish her idea. Later her plan got removed, yet she becomes the second largest recipient of health care industry....

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