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Broken Tear Ducts Essay

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I knelt to pet him but he was not acting right, no tail movement or a deep moan of affection it just was not there, his black curls went limp and his eyes were closed. I felt him breathing and I called Laura over and asked her to call a vet she asked what happened to my voice and then she looked at him and went dead silent. She walked over and place a gentle hand on him and told me that a there was no need for a vet because he was not breathing. I tasted the crisp and salty tears running to my lips that could make no response to what she claimed; I just did not believe her. My hand was on his small body and I felt and saw him breathing; I would have bet my life on it.
It all froze to a stop and I looked at myself as if I were a stranger watching my break down on the outside and realized I had bawled my eyes out with a straight face since I placed a had on his fading body. My shadow was pulled down to reality when Laura hugged me and said she was deeply sorry and that it was going to be okay through a mask of tears. I just started to back away still anchored to the floor I moved to the corner of the kitchen. When I dared to take a glimpse I would see him breathing, then the pain flooded in like a tsunami and I would just cry even more; the walls of my lamentation blocked out all movements, sounds, and emotions around me. I tried to stand up but as soon as he came into view the wall caught me; I slid down to the floor and looked up at the dent in the wall I had so carelessly placed with my fist and felt nothing but my tear shocked face.
My mom walked into the room and Laura nodded her head no and said he is gone and my mom tried to say something but my emotions clouded my sense of hearing and I failed to understand a single word. My mom left the room and I sat there in the corner for long while till Laura came over to me and tried to help me out but I always ended up crying even more every time she tried to comfort me. I took a deep breath and scooted back over to him trying to smile with tears crawling down my face because he was my baby and...

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