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Bronchiectasis Essay

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The world develops new technology to better our way of living but mother nature gives its own price to the accomplishment. Bronchiectasis a disease whose cure is still unknown and the farthest method for cure is just a maintain of excaberations is only available. Various countries around the world try to give support for this disease and the biggest country in the lead is the British. Pharmaceutical companies have been trying to hit the lottery to this disease and some have gave positive results. Other researchers have encountered preventative ways to this dilemma from air quality to more improved High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillators(HFCWO). Humanity still keeps their head up with the belief of nothing is impossible. The University College London, UCL, have been a big pioneer in the fight for cure to bronchiectasis as they have developed and been requesting funding for their research program. ...view middle of the document...

"Our results are the first to link air pollution with the risk of death in people with bronchiectasis and adds to a number of other studies showing the dangers of living close to a busy road. The findings of this study should encourage policymakers to make air quality a key focus of transport policies and consider the proximity of main roads to residential areas." (European Lung Foundation) Our personal review to this theory as we are respiratory students due to various organisms in the air and noticing that flow tries to increase its more in the entrance through large airways. Death rates were more higher when people with diagnosed bronchiectasis lived next to busy roads. Pharmaceutical Companies and Equipment corporations have been thinking outside the box to create better methods to handle the disease. Electro Med. have developed a modern High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation named “Smart Vest”. This is useful for airway lung clearance therapy and enhance mucous transport. The vest is an electrically percussor with modern screens to monitor the patients vibrations and vitals. One of the biggest incentives is comfortability, "In addition to the innovative SQL generator, the system boasts a lightweight soft-fabric garment with several patented features." (Electro Med.) Alitair Pharmaceuticals Inc. have been studying and testing their latest product which can be a peak in the fight for cure to bronchiectasis. Erdosteine, verified as a mucolytic, with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. This new drug is the first FDA approved to handle the disease after receiving clearance by the Office of Orphan Products Development (OOPD). As we can configure their no is any clear way to treat the disease but their has been organizations and companies working non-stop to find the lottery. Fundings are required to develop and carry on the task of searching for better care globally. Countries must come together and gather the overall results. to fight on this idiopathic disease.God Bless us All.

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