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Becoming A Reporter

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A career can determine the fate of the rest of your entire life. There are hundreds of different careers to pick and choose from. Perhaps for someone who loves writing or expressing themselves with words, the invigorating career of a reporter suits them just right. Many people use reporting skills in everyday life, such as reporting to some friends about a sleepover/slumber party that is being hosted at home, or taking a trip to Florida with family members during the summer. Even gossip(though shamefully) can be exciting. Being the first person to tell something about an upcoming event, or the details of a current event can be fun. It can be especially fun when one is doing it for a living! A reporter’s job is to report the details of important events first-hand. If anyone wants to know the details of what’s going on in the world, they can always check the news. Reporters are constantly keeping everyone in the loop about world-wide holidays, catastrophes, and almost anything else. Anyone who finds this job exciting should be a reporter!

In life, being a reporter requires special skills and years of schooling. For example, they have to know how to write comprehensively and effectively(“Reporter” Career para. 8). Therefor, the job requires persuasion skills as well, which need to be reflected into their work as well as judgement and decision making skills(“Reporter” What’s para. 10). Problem solving abilities and coordinations skills will also help in this work force(“Reporter” What’s para. 10). Similarly, reporters should be active listeners(“Reporter” What’s para. 9). When in a work environment, loud noises and sounds can disrupt focus, so it is important to remember how to keep on task. Reporters can usually find valid or factual information using research, and they can apply their research to their writing(“Writers” para. 9). Of course, the job usually circulates around writing about interesting things: things the public will actually care about(“Writers” para. 9). For example: devastating accidents, natural disasters, or public rallies(“Reporter” Career para. 2). Furthermore, reporters want to hook their readers into their work(“Writers” para. 9). They can also get information on the subject they are writing on by researching other documents on the subject-matter(“Reporter” Career para. 1). They prepare rough drafts of their work and present them to their clients and editors to collect feedback(“Writers” para. 9). Due to the fact that some news may be coming from foreign countries, reporters may be required to travel and work from a foreign city(“Reporter” Career para. 4). It may be helpful to be multi-lingual since traveling is a part of the job(“Reporter” Career para. 8). Also, reporters may come in contact with police, emergency workers, or bystanders on the job(“Reporter” Career para. 5). Sometimes a story can be so big that it will require one to adjust their schedule around it(“Reporter” Career para. 6). Work hours will have to be...

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